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Essential Skin Care Product – Face Mask


Face mask is a kind of carriers of beauty skin care products, application on face for 15 to 30 minutes. After the nutrients of the skin care product are slowly absorbed by the skin, users may remove the mask film. The materials of face mask include mixed powder, kaolin, non-woven fabrics, and natural silk mask. Currently the one that is most hi-tech, with delicate carrier, and easy to be absorbed by skin is silk mask, with general activity ingredients for about 2.5 to 22%. Since women and even men have large demand on masks, more and more face mask manufacturers have appeared in domestic and overseas markets.
principle of mask is to temporarily isolate outside air and pollution, improve skin temperature, make skin pores expanding, promote sweat glands secrete and metabolize, and make skin oxygen content raise by using the short time when the mask is covering on face. It is conducive to get rid of metabolic products of epidermal cells and accumulated oil materials. Water of the face mask infiltrates into epidermal cuticle, skin will become soft, and naturally bright and elastic.
Face masks can be divided into peeling type mask, tearing type mask, muddy mask, gel type mask, cream sleeping mask these five categories.Herbal Evening Primrose Stretchable Mask 5pcs/box
Buying Guide
When choosing face mask, note that if the mask material is thin, it there is too little essence content. When general mask is taken out, some essence will drop, which refers to enough essence in this mask.
Before buying, check if the label contents on the package are complete. Labels should include the product name, the name and address of the manufacturer, net weight (net capacity), production date and shelf life or batch number and date of last use, health permit of the company and product standard number.
Choose products of different odor according different hobby to aroma. The smell should be pure, elegant, with no bad odor smell of oyster sauce. The product texture is fine and uniform, with natural tone, delicate foam, easy to clean, and the skin will not get dry or tight after washing.  After using face mask, there will be a thin layer of skin membrane left on the face, without causing degreasing. It is mild to skin and do not cause stimulation and sensitivity.
Select different products depending on different skin texture. Dry skin adopts moisturizing products while oily skin needs products of good cleaning performance.
Before using the products, consumers should read the packaging instructions. Select products mild to skin, which do not cause stimulating effect.
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