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Tencel Mask - Leading the New Trend of Light Transparent Invisible Mask


                                                                                   As the only one enterprise with a set of non-woven fabric R&D, mask formula R&D, and mask production, Nox-Bellcow has supplied high-quality OEM, ODM service to various major brands over the years. We have been always committing to research and development of high-quality masks, pioneering ideas, and seeking innovation areas of mask. This time, Nox-Bellcow will create a new trend in facial mask manufacturers market by Tencel mask.
Light Invisible Tencel Visitor from Austria
To lead the innovation in mask area, in partnership with world-renowned Austria fiber supplier "Lenzing Group", Nox-Bellcow made light, transparent and invisible Tencel mask by all natural materials and biodegradable fibers with technology from Korea. Nox-Bellcow spares no effort to create Tencel mask to hydrate skin for you. Texture of Tencel mask is like nothing so that you can enjoy every moment's lightness and pureness. Open The Tencel Skin Code. Enjoy Lightness and Beauty
The vice-general manager of Nox-Bellcow (Zhongshan) Nonwoven Chemical Ltd., Fan Zhanhua made a full explanation for Tencel mask in the 18th CBE. The advantages of Tencel mask are as follows:
* Natural, pure and environmentally friendly.
Tencel materials come from fiber contained in trees, which are 100% pure natural materials. With an environmental production process without any additives, they form the absolutely pure Tencel fiber. After being used, Tencel mask can be completed degraded in approximately 12 weeks, forming water and carbon dioxide, which will not pollute the environment.
* Light and fashionable. Enjoy beautiful skin invisibly.
Tencel fiber is softer, smoother than ordinary cotton fiber, with excellent biocompatibility with human skin.
It is soft, comfortable and does not irritate the skin. When it is applied on the face, it is natural, transparent and tightly-attached, like a second skin of the human body. Tencel mask has excellent moisture absorption capabilities. Its water-absorbing quality is superior to common non-woven cloth, available to adsorb essence 8 times of the mask's own weight, letting your skin be moist and nourished for a long time.
* Perfectly care and pleasure every inch of the skin.
Tencel is the first cellulosic fiber with wet strength better than cotton fiber in the wet state. Only under sound wet strength can mask be stretched at will, with close package suitable for any face shape. Thus, "Tencel mask" enjoys good fitting effect, can closely applied to facial skin, and achieve perfect pampering for every inch of skin.

Silk Slip Sense of Water- Skin Has Never Had
The first one to use Tencel mask is the well-known brand of mask "Paris Sewame." Sewame this year will produce 12 types of Tencel masks using Tencel mask cloth, as the first strike to promote brand image. For each consumer, Sewame carefully select 12 species of natural plant components, and use high purity raw materials extracted by "super refined" technology of Croda (global well-known cosmetics raw materials supplier). "Super refined" purification technology can effectively eliminate tiny impurities in components, and let effective components of each piece of mask can be easier to import into skin.
Sewame Tencel mask is able to meet consumers' demand for all skin types: whitening, moisturizing, oil control, tightening, soothing, and nourishing. The packaging style of mask follows the natural comfortable elements that consumers love, with clean and elegant colors, fashionable and new composition, which is elegant, perfectly showing gentle green skin care philosophy, offering pair of care enjoyment of "skin + soul".
As a professional ODM face manufacturer, Nox-Bellcow has a strong non-woven fabric research and development team, makes great efforts to draw the world's high-end advanced scientific research achievements, breaks through technology boundaries, and creates more and higher-quality products by all-round, stereoscopic technology. We believe that Nox-Bellcow is capable to help consumers to achieve beautiful dream of healthy energetic skin.
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