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Can Customers Really Be Relieved to Use Wet Wipes?

Hot summers always make people sweat like a pig, and many people like carrying wet wipes for wiping sweat, or even wiping face. The wipes water always brings cool feeling. However, can wet wipes really be used relievedly?

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Now products known as "disinfecting wet wipes" fall into two categories, one is the product itself disinfected, but it does not have the function to disinfect other items. Wiping hands with this wet wipes will not work on bacteria. Another one is the product itself disinfected, with disinfection function on other items. But this wet wipe is limited in effectiveness of disinfection, can only be used for clean and hygienic purposes.

Compared with the easy convenient disinfecting wet wipes, in the conditions of absence of water, doctors priority recommend cleaning-free hand disinfectants. Pour some of it on your hands, rub the hands, it feels slimy, and dirty things can be rub off. It is true to its name---"cleaning-free gel" not so fresh and cool. A doctor said disinfection products have this feature, "that it is visible does not mean germs existing, and that it is invisible does not mean no bacteria existing". People are easy to be "deceived" by their own eyes. Compared with disinfecting wet wipes, cleaning-free gel can better ensure the amount of using, time and provide better results. Each piece of disinfectant wet wipes' role is limited. No matter how dirty the hands are, we usually use one piece at a time, and still have a question to drop it. Cleaning-free hand disinfectant can ensure the dosage. Rubbing one to two minutes at a time can basically eliminate the bacteria.

All kinds of disinfecting wet tissue products and cleaning-free hand disinfectants have become the "equipmen" for those office workers who like clean but are too lazy to wash. Even in the case of no hand-washing conditions, they can make it by a piece of wet tissue.

In fact, if you really love clean, soap and water should not be abandoned. United States "Science Daily" website had reported this year that hand washing with soap can remove bacteria causing the common cold and various diseases, such as acute gastroenteritis, hepatitis.

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