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Using Paper Mask, Facial Cleansing Wipes and Makeup Removing Wipes Well for Better Skin Ca

In addition to the magical effect of providing us timely help, paper mask, facial cleansing wipes and makeup removing wipes will also bring opposite effect if being improperly used. Using paper mask, facial cleansing wipes and makeup removing wipes these skin care products well can also touch them and turn them into gold! Facial Cleansing Wipes  
PART 1: The Incorrect Usage of Paper Mask
1. Apply with the entire paper mask in original shape. Generally the paper mask size is too large, or it is not close enough, but if you cut a few slits after soaking it or divide it into two, it will be closer when being used.
2. Toning lotion soaks paper mask. Sticky moisturizing toning lotion is suitable for soaking mask, but if you are using fresh volatilizable lotion, not even after 15 minutes your mask will be dry, which wastes lotion and cannot achieve the desired effect.
3. Soak the mask for too short time. Do you like compressed mask paper like coins? If they are soaked for too short time, the compression mask papers are applied when their folding has not entirely been unfolded. The time to soak the mask should not be less than 1 minute, letting it slowly expand.
PART 2: Methods for Deep Clean by Facial Cleansing Wipes It is a big mistake to use facial cleaning wipes like towels!
1. Fold the facial cleansing wet tissue into a square of one-third the size of the palm so that it is no need to worry about wasting the essence.
2. Starting from the forehead, wipe from the eyebrows so that you can avoid the essence from flowing to the eyes.
3. Wipes cheeks like √, and keep smiling so that lip lines are stretched apart for cleaning thoroughly.
4. Leave the eye before you flush. First apply it for 10 second, and then wipe the eyes lightly.
5. In order to be completely residue-free, it is necessary for the final rinse with clear water.
PART 3: NG Usage of Makeup Removing Wipes Makeup removing wipes contain makeup removing lotion, which is more moderate than the cleansing oil, only needing simply cleaning, is more suitable for sensitive skin.
1. Washing before using. Like makeup cleansing oil, makeup removing wipes must be used drily. First keep the face dry so that the cleansing ingredients can make contact with the makeup and ensure the effective cleansing ingredients not diluted by water.
2. Use the same side to clean the whole face. Use different parts of the makeup removing wipes to clean eyelashes, eye makeup, lip gloss, and blusher to avoid dirt blocking pores.
3. When using, pat face or reversely rub it. Patting is the absolute NG action of makeup removing! You should be light, squeeze the cleaning milk slowly and push it on the face.
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