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The Methods of Purchasing Suitable Oil Control films

In selected for the most suitable oil control film, we must know the types of oil control films first. In general, oil-control tissues divided into the following categories: Type one, the traditional gold foil oil control films. A thin layer of golden paper is made of high density and fine gold foil paper. It not only has a strong suction ability, but also a bactericidal effect, wihich is suitable for most types of skin. Type two, pulverous oil control films. This type of film contains fine white power, which makes oil control and makeup these two functions combined into one. Therefore, it is more suitable for women with makeup habits. Type three, used material made of hemp paper oil control films. Alhough this type's oil control function works well, due to its relatively rough texture it is also easy to hurt the skin.
Type fourth, blue film absorbing tissues - very soft and delicate paper in oil, while also better preserve the skin needs moisture. In addition, some absorbing tissues also added a special natural skin care ingredients, such as adding a natural green tea absorbing tissues, with a sedative effect of green tea anti-inflammatory, to the oil while still in shrink pores, controls sebum secretion, faint aroma of green tea also makes the user feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, in the selection of absorbing tissues when, in addition to carefully identify their species, but also pay attention to its material is soft, because protecting the skin is beautiful skin absorbing tissues to increase the key.
Oil Control film
As a high-quality oil-absorbing tissues, it is the first to do a strong suction force, in time to absorb the face of the oil, but do not lose moisture. Second, make the skin feeling smooth, soft and comfortable quality of the paper requirements and have enough toughness, easy to tear. Meet the above two principles, you can according to the climate, their skin and absorbing tissues of various additional functions, the selection of the most suitable for your absorbing tissues.
First, glial strong oil absorbing tissues apart, waterproof also high, very suitable for oily skin. Second, if your skin is easy to sweat a class, you can choose those that have both oil and sweat absorbing tissues function,such as facial cleansing wipes. Third, absorbing tissues containing the foundation, there are makeup performance is not much sweat and sebum by the boon, the most suitable for women. However, no makeup people use generally absorbing tissues can, use a powder-containing products but will feel uneven skin tone. Of course, the suction side of paper that contain a powder, it may face foundation color difference with too much, so that his face looks like a block of color. Then, you can use your fingers to gently put aside uniform powder at the same time to avoid uneven patches achieve Dingzhuang results. Fourth, if you are traveling abroad or engaged in outdoor activities, you can choose oil and wet tissue function combo absorbing tissues, whichever is a dual purpose, the advantages of oil and clean. Some brands have also launched cleansing cotton these effects, is a good choice. Fifth, Some whitening absorbing tissues containing vitamins or other additional ingredients, focusing on skin healthy persons may wish to try.
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