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To Be Good Parents-Choose the Best Baby Wet Wipes for Your Babies


                                                                                   In the malls, many parents do not know how to choose the best and the most suitable wet wipes for babies because there are too much types of wet wipes with different brands. In order to help parents to solve this problems, NOX-BELLCOW, wet wipes manufacturer will give some suggestions for parents on how to choose a kind of wet wipe that is most suitable for your babies.
First, products' dates Although only a small one wipe, there are many things should be considered. Wipes is hygiene products, so their health requirements will certainly be higher to customers. Therefore, buying wipes in malls should pay more attention to the brands and quality guarantee period. Some outdated wipes may missed by the sellers, thus, checking the dates of wet wipes is important. The anti-bacteria ability of babies is not as strong as adults. Outdated or low quality baby wet wipes are harmful for babies' health. Besides, parents would better not buy too much wet wipes once; otherwise keep for a long time used up will result in waste.

Second, the material Wipes are made of a variety, suitable for babies of only one, is spunlace nonwoven fabric. A lot of people may not have heard of this name, in fact, we do not understand too much, just look at product descriptions, pay attention to the raw material of spunlace nonwoven wipes it. If moms want to know a little more detailed, is one of viscose and polyester 5:5 ratio is the best. When buying baby wipes in thickness have a choice, generally marked with 50g per square meter, which is good, and more suitable for baby to use.
Third, liquid Baby wet wipes liquid cannot be too complicated, the general is pure water and some skin care ingredients, more common is the aloe Vera and green tea, in fact, these ingredients are similar, the biggest difference is not the same as adding spices, so the taste is not the same. Mothers do not need to choose the time at which entangled better. But there is never allowed inside the alcohol wipes, which is a great baby skin irritation. Some have antibacterial wipes dosing can prevent red buttocks, outdoors is recommended to use this kind of situation in the indoor hygiene standards, then use ordinary wipes enough.
Fourth, the concept Mom bought wipes when you want to change the concept, not advertising wipes is good, nor is occupying a place on the shelves of most is the best, but not the price expensive is good. Brands will have some good company flagship product, so advertising overwhelming, but may not be suitable for your baby to use, select wipes depend ingredients. Recommends mothers use baby wipes to the usual frequency is not too high, although very convenient, is always rub the baby's skin, the baby will be uncomfortable is not manifested.
Nox-bellcow (ZhongShan) Nonwoven Chemical Limited established in 2004, the Sino-Hong Kong joint Venture enterprise .We steadfastly delivers on our business philosophy of creating a "win-win" situations by collaborating with the world's best', providing reliable and O D M services to our clients, specialized in wet wipes OEM & ODM services. Nox-bellcow primarily develops and produces Varions kinds of personal care products with three Main categories: Wet tissues and wipes: wet wipes, baby wet wipes, adult wet wipes, feminine wet wipes, household wet wipes, etc. Facial mask: for face, eye and nose. Skin care products: such as moisturizing lotions and cleansing milk.                                                                            

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