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Glass Wipes Make It Invisible

I have a great time today, you know. I've been upset these days since we moved from L.A. because all my best friends are not here. However, Elena came to visit me this morning and she will stay with me for a week! I just can’t tell you how happy I am. She is one of my best friends and as long as we are together, funny things just pop up. Here, I want to tell you what happened today make me laugh all day long, but maybe Elena won’t let me because she is not happy with that and I think she begins to hate Glass Wipes from now on.
Glass Wipes
This morning, after I picked up Elena at the airport, we got home and then went shopping in the town. We don't have any modern shopping malls here, yet the little town has its unique enchantment. Virtually, no stores are selling expensive famous brand products but ethnic handicrafts that people in modern city such as L.A. have slim chance to see. Elena was so excited about everything she saw and acted like a child who comes across Mickey Mouse. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! It’s so beautiful, Jess! Look at that dress!" Elena was screamingly near me and running across the street to that store like wind. I did not follow her and just stood on the opposite street to watch her, suddenly, "Boom!" She fell down. I was astonished at that moment and I ran to her.
"Oh, my sweetie. Are you ok? Did you hurt?" I asked her worriedly.
"My, my! I seem to be hit by something. My forehead is burning."
"Let me see, Elena. Ok, the good thing is your head is not bleeding; the bad thing is you got a large bump on your forehead." said I. Actually, I felt relief she is not badly injured."
"But, what did you run into a moment ago? I didn't see anyone or anything in front of you."
"That's a good question. I didn't see anything either, only this amazing dress." She pointed at that dress which behind the glass of that store."
"What's that? Is it a glass? I remember there is no glass in front of the dress! Did I just run into a glass?"
I looked at what she pointed to and I found a humanoid mark on the clean glass. "Well, Elena. Maybe your face need more wet wipes to clean. Don't you think you mess up an extremely clean glass?"
Meanwhile, the store owner came out to see whether we are good and he made an apology to us for he used a glass wipe to clean his store glass yesterday, which made Elena misunderstand there was no glass on it. And finally, Elena bought that beautiful dress from this store and the shopkeeper gave her a great discount because he felt sorry for her. I kept laughing when we were walking to home. Sometimes, a clean glass maybe is not so good.

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