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The Functions of Baby Wet Wipes


                                                                                   Newborn baby's skin is thin and delicate, their sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other functions are not mature. Therefore the Baby Wet Wipes are invented by people.
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As we all know that babies are sensitive for bacterial infections and alkaline substances' erosion. Their resistance is weak, vulnerable to stimulate the production of skin allergies and their skin is easy to be stimulated or even erosion. In order to keep cool and clean, the parents have to often give the baby a bath. This only causes a result that baby skin's natural protective film is washed off, the skin becomes very dry. Addition, in the bath, parents should prepare water, towels, which is really hard. Sometimes if the baby poop, the work is even more troublesome.
Baby wet wipes are specifically designed for babies, which are different from adult wet wipes. They are gentle, safe, soft and clean. They would not only damage the body protective film, but also easily remove bacteria and dirt. Parents can easy to fight rash, and red ass.
Wipes Ingredients
The baby wet wipes which are higher quality generally manufactured by nonwovens in food grade and do not add any alcohol and artificial flavors. Because alcohol can irritate your baby's soft skin and will make your baby feel uncomfortable. Wipes ingredients are usually water, ultrapure water and deionized water. Good wipes' ph presents weak acid and it would not add any fluorescent agent.
Other Effects of Wipes
Although soft wet wipes are specially designed for baby, adults can also use wipes. Mild wet wipes are soft and non-irritant, which can be used to take off formal dress and ornaments or daily cleaning, disinfection, hygiene and so on.
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