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A Wet Wipe Lets Me Meet My Love

I don't know how many people believe in the love story that the Cinderella can get a handsome prince and his true love. If you believe, maybe you are a teenager who long for love or maybe you just like me, a silly "Ugly Betty". However, my name is Marie and there's a strong resemblance between Betty and me. Those fair women used to think that only ugly women believe fairy tales. Yet, they could never imagine a wet wipe lets me meet my love.

Before I met my prince, I believed one day I could find someone who doesn't care my Betty appearance and just thinks that I am special. Yet, the truth is they think I am too special for them and they definitely have no interests to know about me. I don't know why, why I don't have big eyes, nice nose, sexy lips, long legs, fantastic figure. Why I must bear the dreadful name as an ugly woman? Why I can't be a beauty? Why Cupid could not help me? I lost so many opportunities in my life. The interviewers concentrate all their attention on the beauties around me while I was talking! You know what, maybe I am smarter than them, but in many circumstances, it doesn't matter. There is no doubt that I did not get the job eventually. Having been through so many times, I could not help crying.
wet wipes
Although I am an optimist, I also lose hope and feel upset. At that moment, I cried so loudly in that company's storage room. I did not know how long I had stayed there. Suddenly, a package of wet tissue passed to me. I raised my head, and I saw a young man sitting beside me! "Oh! What are you doing here?"
"Err... I just need a place to cry."
"Here, your face is a little... "Then he gave me the wet wipe.
"Oh, I'm sorry and thank you for your wipes." I was so embarrassed and I wish there was a hole on the floor for me to get into. I wiped my face as fast as I can and stood up wanting to go.
"Indeed, you look much better now. Sometimes, women are more attractive when they are what they are. Well, I think if you could be more confident and be yourself, you absolutely will be an amazing woman." Then, he went out the room. I stood there for minutes and I was quite moved because a stranger could talk me so sincerely. I was touched not only because he encouraged me, but also I really realized that I should not complain everything, should not look down upon myself, should not place being beauty in the first place. I still have many beautiful things in my life. Therefore, he left a good impression to me.

A few months later, I came across him in a park. At that moment, I was running home because it rained cats and dogs. I forgot to bring my umbrella that day so I just covered my head with a pile of newspaper. I didn't see clearly through the heavy rain so I bumped into a passer-by. That was Him! Since the first time I met him, I have been changed to be more confident and positive and I found a job. Although this time we met with heavy rain, we remember each other. He asked me to have coffee together and I said I would like to go. When we arrived at the coffee shop, he gave me a wet wipe and we smiled. From then on, he becomes my wet wipes man.
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