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How to Distinguish the Quality of Wet Tissue


                                                                                   When selecting a wet tissue in the market, you must learn how to distinguish the quality, because if the wipe is substandard, it will not be beneficial for human skin, in some cases, it will cause the allergic inflammation. It is particularly important for facial tissue which the skin is sensitive from irritation.

Following are some tips for reference:

1. Put the wet tissue under the nose to smell gently, if it is in high quality without any stimulus, a kind of downy elegant will be smelt. If it is an inferior product, we will feel obvious irritating in the smell.

2. High quality female wet wipes uses the high quality raw materials, the non-woven fabric without any impurities is very white and clean. But for the materials in inferior wipes, obvious impurity is visible. During use, there will be no apparent fluffiness on good wet wipes while the inferior wet wipes has obvious fluffiness.

3. After taking out the wipes, if it is mildewed, it should be prohibited. And if there has been any discomfort from the skin, including itch and pain, the wet tissue should be also stopped being used immediately, to avoid greater harm to the skin.

4. Take a closer look at the product endorsement, choose the products with a detailed address, telephone services, health standards, enterprise standards and the record number from relevant health authorities.

5. Pay attention to the packaging. The edges of the pack should be sealed and without any damage. The sealed packaging is designed to maintain the effectiveness of sterilization effect of wet wipes. After taking out the wipes, stickup should be immediately done with a strip seal to avoid the impact from high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Nox-bellcow (ZhongShan) Nonwoven Chemical Limited established in 2004, the Sino-Hong Kong joint Venture enterprise. They develop and produce various kinds of personal care products with three Main categories: baby wet wipes, adult wet wipes, feminine wet wipes, household wet wipes, etc. The Nox-bellcow factory design proudly meets the benchmark of G M P, and has obtained the certifications of both GMPC from the EU and the United States. All staff are required to undergo a strict sterilization procedure. All of the plants are equipped with high performance air filters to ensure the production setting meets environmental cleanliness and safely standards.                                                                            

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