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With the development of modern medicine and to adapt to the new commodities constantly, had the habit of people use water to clean the baby small ass has been gradually replaced by a new generation of products. Convenience brought by the baby wet wipes and prevent diaper rash effects are obvious, most mothers are very willing to accept this new baby skin care products.

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Why natural baby wipes are important? The dermis of a baby's skin is thin, and of poor elasticity, the sebaceous glands and sweat gland has not yet matured, which is sensitive to the bacterial infection and alkaline substances. The resistance is very weak, and skin allergy, erythema, papules, red rash, even decay will be easily caused by outside stimuli. These are the symptoms of diaper rash. Therefore, baby will often cry.

Normally, baby will pee 10 ~ 14 times a day, this means that mothers need to change a diaper every 1 ~ 2 hours a day. Mothers often clean their hips with clear water, and then put on the new diaper. But, if cleaning the hips after every time changing the diapers, what will happen? The baby's skin will become dry, the natural protective membrane on the skin are washed away. Meanwhile, mothers will be tired because of each time's preparation of water as well as towels. However, using baby wet wipes, which can help mothers to save time, meanwhile, the skin can be effectively moisturized and left with a protective film, which will not damage the skin's natural sebum.

In addition, baby wet wipes has other uses. For example, if your baby has a fever in the summer, mothers can use wet wipes instead of taking a bath, to clean the skin gently, in this way, the rising in baby's temperature can be avoided.

Nox-bellcow (ZhongShan) Nonwoven Chemical Limited established in 2004, the Sino-HongKong joint Venture enterprise. Nox-bellcow primarily develops and produces Varions kinds of personal care products with three Main categories: Wet tissues and wipes, including baby wet wipes, adult wet wipes, feminine wet wipes,household wet wipes, etc. Facial mask: for face, eye and nose. Skin care products: such as moisturizing lotions and cleansing milk.                    

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