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Details about Baby Wet Wipes


                                                                                   A wet wipe, also known as a wet towel, or a moist towelette, is a small moistened piece of paper or cloth that often comes folded and individually wrapped for convenience. Wet wipes are used for cleaning purposes, like personal hygiene or household cleaning.

wet tissue

Baby wet wipes are wet wipes used to cleanse the sensitive skin of infants. These are saturated with solutions anywhere from gentle cleansing ingredients to alcohol based 'cleaners'. Baby wipes are typically sold in plastic tubs that keep the cloths moist and allow for easy dispensing.

Baby Wet Wipe
1. Natural fiber and imported nonwoven
2. Fragrant and neutral
3. without alcohol and toxin, antibiosis,
4. Moisture-keeping, cleaning and moistening.
5. Extremely moisturizing, refreshing baby
6. Various kinds of fragrances and size

1 It is especially suitable for summer, Help to keep the baby skin moisture.
2 It feels soft and pliable, not easy to break. Does not contain fragrance, alcohol, mild and no irritation to the baby skin.
3 It can be used for the whole body of your baby.

1. Gentle & Soft, Alcohol free
2. Fragrance free or for choose
3. Material: we have many kinds of different material

1. Base sheet: Spunlace nonwoven,rayon/polyester 40/60.
2. Base sheet weight: 45gsm or according your choice.
3. Size: 16x20cm or according your choice.
4. Wipes count: 80sheets.
5. Packaging type: flow wraps film with resalable sticker and top lid.
6. Formula: Gentle and safe, Alcohol Free ,Moisturizing, all kinds of fragrance for your choice.
7. Function extracts for your choice, such as Aloe Vera & Vitamin E and so on.
1 Do not put the products in direct sunlight.
2 if you feel not well after the using, please stop using it immediately.
3 Keep it in a proper place that the children can not get.

The origin of baby wipes most likely came in the mid-1950s as more people were travelling and needed a way to clean up on the go. Wet wipes have become a standard part of diaper changing kits. They can be bought in several different pack counts (ranging up to 80 or more sheets per pack), and come with dispensing mechanisms. A study conducted by The University of Manchester has found that baby wipes had an equivalent effect on skin hydration when compared with cotton wool and water.

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