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Five Notes for the Use of Wet Wipes

The cleaning type wet wipes are the most versatile, easy to carry, readily accessible at any time when it is not easy to rinse and cleaning, which is very convenient. However, it may be hazardous to our health? As we all know, wet wipes contain a variety of additives, which can easily lead to contact dermatitis and other allergic skin problems if you contact too much. And someone will no longer wash their hands after use, so the chemical composition will be left in the hands, especially disadvantageous for children. The wet tissue paper generally use non-woven as materials. Some manufacturers use cotton or fiber materials instead to reduce costs, the wet wipes of such materials are easy to mold, spoilage. Once wet wipes are moldy, do not use.

The following parts are some notes for the use of wet wipes:

1. Wet wipes cannot take the place of washing your hands
Since wet wipes publically advocate "Disinfection, sterilization", so people will not wash their hands after using wet wipes, and completely forget there is chemical composition left on the hands, which is especially harmful for the children. Doctors emphasize that no matter how you repeat wipe your hands with wet wipes, you cannot remove the skin surface bacteria; washing your hands with soap, coupled with the flowing water, is the cleanest.

2. Wet wipes cannot be reused
American study shows that disposable cleansing wipes reused can not only remove bacteria, but will transfer some viable bacteria to the uncontaminated surface, do not use it to wipe the eyes and other sensitive areas.
3. Do not wipe eyes directly
We should particularly remember that less wipe face with wet wipe, especially not directly wipe eyes, middle ear and mucous membranes, if you have skin irritation, itching and other symptoms after use, you should immediately stop using it.
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4. Choose a reliable brand
Wet wipes contain a lot of liquid, which are very easy to breed bacteria, so it requires being relatively strict for its production processing. For the regular manufacturer, the workers carry out ozone air disinfection for the workshop, to ensure the wet wipes not being polluted by the bacterial in the air in production. So we should try to choose from the formal manufacturers with information integrity and good reputation at the time of purchase. Secondly, try to use wet wipes which have has a separate small package for every piece; if you choose the removable wet wipes, seal it after each use, and run out as soon as possible in order to avoid volatilization of its active ingredients.

5. Best to choose fragrance free wet wipes
The basic components of wet tissue have no smell, the tea and lavender scent we usually smell is generated by adding flavoring agent. Therefore, selecting the wet wipes with none flavor means being able to access to fewer additives, which is more important for the baby.

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