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NOX BELLCOW veocel™facial sheet face mask wholesale for man

NOX BELLCOW veocel™facial sheet face mask wholesale for man
  • NOX BELLCOW veocel™facial sheet face mask wholesale for man
  • NOX BELLCOW veocel™facial sheet face mask wholesale for man

NOX BELLCOW veocel™facial sheet face mask wholesale for man

Herbaceous Plant Mask...
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Enterprise Strength
  • NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics has formed a complete production and sales service system to provide reasonable services for consumers.
Application Scope
The Customized Skin Care Products produced by NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics is widely used.NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics insists on providing customers with one-stop and complete solution from the customer's perspective.
  • NOX BELLCOW veocel™facial sheet face mask wholesale for man-Facial Mask Manufacturer- Customized Ski
Company Advantages
1. Efficient & Accurate production: The whole production process of sheet face mask is carried out in strict accordance with the detailed production plan and monitored rigorously by professional to avoid any production failure.
2. Superior performance and long service life make the products competitive.
3. We continuously monitor and adjust the production process to ensure that the product quality meets the policy requirements of customers and the company.
4. With high style inclusiveness, the product can be placed in various room styles, including residential houses, hotels, and commercial offices.
5. This piece with a smart and compact design makes it an ideal choice for apartments and some commercial rooms, and it makes the room eye-catching.

Herbaceous Plant Mask Series

Mask Comes With Functions,High Efficiency Doubles the “Mask” Power

The consumers’ demand for natural and safe claims has never been ceased, 

and the concept of herbal skin care has gradually become the new direction of new skin care 

with the development of low carbon and environmental protection 

and the improvement of the safety requirements of skin care. 

The Chinese mugwort, Isatis root, etc., these familiar herbs can be made into a facial mask this time?

The natural herbal facial mask is more suitable for Chinese skin.

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Herbaceous Plant Mask Features:

1, Bring its Own Efficacy: rich in natural plant herbal extracts, 

of which various functional ingredients can moisturize and nourish skin.

2. Skin-friendly and Breathability: mesh fiber is breathable and close fit; 

ultra-low gram weight and special mesh structure bring breathability.

3, Safety and Health: mask cloth production process does not add any irritant ingredients, colonies, 

harmful organic compounds, chemical residues, etc., to ensure harmless and non-irritating to skin.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Natural plant herbal fibers are biodegradable and will not cause harm to the environment. 

The preparation process has no emissions, and the whole life cycle is green and environmentally friendly. 

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/The vitality of Chinese mugwort is very tenacious, and has a pleasant fragrance, 

as a beneficial effect of herbs is well known, for the Chinese, 

the use of Chinese mugwort is very extensive, bath with Chinese mugwort can dispel disease and keep health.

/Chinese mugwort is used as a kind of medicinal material with wide application and is a good product for beauty. 

It is rich in elements such as calcium iron and vitamin ABC and can help to keep the skin’s ruddy 

and cellular metabolism and keep the skin in a dynamic state.

Product Feature:

/Calming & Soothing:The rich vitamins and minerals boost metabolism, 

blood circulation whilst enabling both calming and soothing effects.


/Anti-bacterial & Anti-inflammatory:Chinese Mugwort effectively resists the interferences of the Bacillus anthracis,

 Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis outside of our body. 

Whilst it has strong anti-bacterial property,

 it contains other rich anti-inflammatory substances such as Chlorogenic acid and Naringin, 

effectively prevents the activity of flammatory factors.


/Moisturizing:The various oleic acids in the rich mugwort essence provides moisturizing properties to soften the skin.


/Elastic and Delicate: Has a natural moisturizing factor, 

so that the moisture content of the skin can be kept, make skin soft, smooth and elastic.

Company Features
1. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a(n) sheet face mask manufacturer based in China. We are well-known for strong capacity and abundant experience in this field.
2. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd has advanced production equipment and strong technical force.
3. By striving with all the might, NOX BELLCOW has enough confidence to achieve the goal of being a world famous brand. Get price! The service of NOX BELLCOW ranks top in moisturizing face mask industry. Get price! NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd's focus on customized and innovative facial face mask to meet our customers’ needs will continue to be our driving force. Get price!
NOX BELLCOW sheet face mask meets mandatory electrical safety requirements. These standards include CB Test Certificate, CCA Notification, and LOVAG Certificate (Certification of low voltage appliances). This product has been widely used for air quality monitoring, hydrological monitoring, and water treatment
NOX BELLCOW facial face mask will go through a series of quality control process, including the raw materials ingredients, the quality of dyeing agents, as well as the strength of the final product. This product allows for an easy installation
The quality of NOX BELLCOW facial face mask can be guaranteed. It passed the quality test such as solar energy absorptivity and energy transformation effectiveness. Its high-strength structural design makes it exceptionally durable
NOX BELLCOW moisturizing face mask is certified by CertiPUR-US. This guarantees that it follows strict compliance with environmental and health standards. It contains no prohibited phthalates, PBDEs (dangerous flame retardants), formaldehyde, etc. This product is equipped with compatible interfaces
NOX BELLCOW moisturizing face mask is manufactured in line with industrial standards. Its plug, electric cords, and socket are made complying with the local electricity supply system. This product is highly resistant to sand and hail
This product stands out for its excellent colorfastness. It will be unaffected by chemical stains, tainted water, fungi, and mold that would cause discoloration. This product has a compact design with no moving parts
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