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Officinalis Soothing Repair Essence

Officinalis Soothing Repair Essence

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Best partner of weaker skin

 Say goodbye to pain, rashes, itchiness and heat

Allergy reliever core ingredient comes from the wisdom of the ocean. Discovered by scientists, the fluid on the surface of carols contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Dolphins always rub their bodies over carols to get the mucus.


Enemies of allergic skin

Sunlight; Pollen; Air Conditioning; Special beauty treatment; Excessive makeup; Excessive use of cosmetic products; Thin stratum corneum; Change of seasons


Star Product: Officinallis Soothing Repair Essence


One bottle that resolves all allergies – why soft corals can achieve with

an easy go?

Four Major Components

Jeju soft corals extracts:

Anti-inflammatory – containing nine different anti-inflammatory active sterols, aim at reducing allergic factors, owning super anti- nflammatory and anti allergic efficiency.

Anti- bacteria– natural fungal killer, prevent wound from deteriorating

Hydrating – Natural hydration for skin, increase skin water level, lower TEWL


Saffron extracts: sooth redness and pain

Ceratonia silliqua extracts: speed up wound healing, repair skin shield


AQUAXYL: Improve dry and tense skin texture

A small bottle of essence contains large ability.


Three Major Efficacies:

Deep Penetration: Water infused directly to the skin base

Sooth Allergy: Hold all kinds of allergic skin

Repair Skin Shield: Enhance skin defense mechanism

Summary of Corallina Soothing and Protecting Series

Product PictureProduct Name Core IngredientEfficacyHighlights

Officinalis soothing 

repair facial  cleanser                          

Jeju soft corals extracts

Crocus sativus extracts

Ceratonia silliqua extract


Mild cleanser

Not damaging to skin shield

Four all-rounded soothing 

components for highly allergic 

skin  the bes resolution ever.     

Officinalis soothing

repair toner

Filling up the stratum corneum – 

first step of repair

Star Product


Officinalis soothing 

repair essence

Deep penetration

Intensely repair

Officinalis soothing 

repair lotion

Moisturizing and soothing

More breathable

Officinalis soothing 

repair facial cream

Rebuild skin shield

Repair weaker skin

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