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Oily Skin Care: 5 Tips to Make Your Face Less Oily


Oily skins can be frustrating at times giving you difficulty in keeping it clean and smooth. I sure guess that you have had a hard time dealing with oily faces. Knowing that there are a lot of solution providers out there who are out for the cash and not the solution itself. For example, there are lots of skincare products for oily skins, including facial wipes, cream, toner, or face mask for oily skin, yet most of them contain many unnecessary chemical ingredients that will make your face worse. Hence, please do not blindly try many products to reduce the oil on your face.

Here, we would give you five verified and simple tips to make your face less oily and have improved skin. Firstly, let’s get to know why oily skins happen and then we look into 5 tips to make your face less oily.


Why Do Oily Skins Happen

An oily skin, also called Seborrhea, is mainly caused by excess Sebum or skin oil in the body. This usually makes the skin look greasy in nature. Though sebum is very vital for the body since it is responsible for maintaining the health of the skin, an excess of it becomes a problem for the face or skin.

Sometimes, oily skins happen during puberty; because at this period, there is an increase in the androgen levels in the body which tends to boost the production of oil in the body. It sometimes leaves after puberty.

Oily skin can also be genetic and can also be increased during your period (for a lady of course!). Other reasons oily skin happen includes


•Weather conditions

•Wearing heavy makeup regularly

•Using wrong or harsh cleaning face tools, cleansers, and makeup that aren’t for your skin type

•Using some medication

•Even spending too much time on a dirty cell phone can lead to oily skin


Some symptoms of oily skins include:

•Large and obvious pores on the skin

•Thick and rough skin

•Shiny and greasy skin

•Persistent and occasional pimples

•Blackheads and clogged pores

If you notice these symptoms on your skin, then here are our 5 tips for you to reduce these symptoms of oily skin especially for oily faces.


1. Regular Wash

Washing your face regularly can reduce the oil produced in your skin drastically. But there are some recommended methods to follow while doing this;

•Always was using warm water and gentle soap

•Soaps with added moisturizers, fragrances, or harsh chemicals should be avoided at all cost because they can cause dry skin or skin irritations.

•Using rough washcloths should be avoided since additional friction can stimulate the skin to produce more oil.


2. Use Natural Toner or Astringents

Natural Astringent toners are far better than those that contain Alcohol because Alcohol containing Toners tend to dry out the skin. Some people with oily skin make use of Natural Astringent toners that contain tannin; this also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Although these products might not be suitable for all, it depends on your skin type. Some people experience itching, while some have a tangling face. For others, their enlarged pores seem to become smaller and tend to remove products clogged in the pores. For any case, always test out the product first before using.


3. Patting the Face to Dry

This goes hand in hand with the washing. After washing, you should pat the face dry gently and not pull down on the face. This should be done with a soft towel and not a rough washcloth as stated before. If this is done wrong, it can stimulate the skin even more and cause more production of oil.


4. Use Medicated Pads or Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are designed to pull oil out of the skin. They are absorbent by design. Though this is a great way to reduce oil in the skin, it does not treat the excess production of sebum.

Medicated pads can also help reduce the oil on the face just as the blotted papers but they are made with familiar cleansing agents like salicylic acid and glycolic acid.


5. Face Mask for Oily Skin

One of the most beneficial tips for skin care is the face mask especially for oily skins. It is one of the best options for treating oily skins. Most face mask for oily skins may contain certain ingredients, most of which are natural and has no damage to the skin or pores.

•Clay facial masks contain minerals like bentonite which are known to absorb oils and reduce shininess. They also reduce the levels of sebum in the skin without any irritations.

•The honey-based facial mask has been proven to have antiseptic and antibacterial tendencies which can help reduce acne and oily skin.

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