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Powerful| Nox Bellcow + Ifscc + Concept Of Network Together Promote The Cosmetics Research And Innovation Idea In China


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      In Recent Years, Nox Bellcow Is Committed to Promoting Internationalisation In Research and Development. For The Past Three Years, We Actively Participated In More Than 60 Cosmetics Conferences And Exhibitions Over The World, Bringing The Global High-Quality Scientific Research Into Creating Our Product. In 21st -23rd, July’S (10th) China Cosmetics Conference, Nox Bellcow Together With Ifscc and Concept of Network, Has Launched The "New Beauty Research Programme" Ceremony. The Three Parties Will Promote China's Cosmetics Research Innovation and Application From A Professional Point of View and Attitude, Enable The Cosmetics Industry to Develop Under Better, Faster and Healthier Circumstances!

New Beauty Research Programme

Nox Bellcow Together With Ifscc and Concept of Network

(Pictured Here from The Left: Mr. Fan Zhanhua, General Manager of Nox Bellcow, Ms. Deng Min,Chairman of The Concept of Network, 

Mr. Jadir Nunes, Former Chairman of Ifscc, And Mr. Chen Zhiguang, Chairman of IFSCC Public Relations Department.)

The "New Beauty Research Programme" Would Soon Develop Into An Independent Research and Development National Salon for Industry’S R & D Personnel. It Will Also Promote Technology Recommendations and Exchange Platform in Colleges and Universities. These Three Parties Will Jointly Hold A "China Cosmetics R & D Annual Meeting" In The Second Half of This Year to Discuss The Research and Development of Technology In Promoting China's New Breakthroughs in Cosmetics Enterprises in Research and Development. In Addition, Nox Bellcow Also Works With The China Cosmetics Collaborative Innovation Centre of Beijing Polytechnic University, In The Development and Application of Natural Plant Materials, The Sensory Evaluation Methods In Using Mask, Cosmetic Efficacy Testing and Other Aspects of The Establishment. In The Future, Nox Bellcow Will Work With Ifscc to Release More New Technologies on Skincare Research and Development, Trying to Arouse Public Concern For R & D, And Let Public See The Real Innovative Product Development Behind Our Products.

An Innovative Drive, To Share Our Micro-Emulsification Technology

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         In The Forum of China Cosmetics Conference R & D Trend, Nox Bellcow Research and Development Director Qiu Xiaofeng Brought A Major Breakthrough in Product Development In Recent Years: The Micro-Emulsification Technology is An Innovative Technology That Breaks The Tradition on Emulsification Technology. It Opens Up The Future of New Blue Ocean In Skincare Products.

The Forum of China Cosmetics Conference R & D Trend

      (Director Qiu Xiaofeng Shared His Opinions About Micro-Emulsification Technology on The Scene.)

       What Is Micro-Emulsification Technology? Why Is It Better Than The Traditional Emulsification Technology?
       We Have to Begin The Storyf from The Composition of The Skin. Water Is The Most Important Component of Human Body’S Composition, Oil Is An Important Component of The Skin’S Barrier Protective Layer; Skins’ Need In Water and Oil Can Easily Be Seen. Therefore, Emulsion That Can Act As The Carrier of Both Water and Oil Would Become The Best Skincare Carrier. Emulsification Can Be Regarded As The "Magic" in The Production Process of Skincare Products.
Through The Formula and The Process, Oil Is Being Disperse Into Water, or Vice Versa, Thus Forms A Stable Dispersion System.

Basic Principles of Emulsification Technology

(Basic Principles of Emulsification Technology)

The Conventional Emulsification Process Is Carried Out By Adding an Emulsifier and By Agitation Aad Homogenisation. Usually The Emulsion Particle Size is of A Few Microns to a Dozens of Microns. During The Process of Micro-Emulsion, Besides Adding Emulsifiers or Stabilizers, Special Processes and High-Pressure Homogeneous Emulsification Equipment are Required. By Applying High Pressure to The Oil-Water Mixture, A High-Pressure Fluid Undergoes Strong Collision in A Small Space, And So, The Dispersed Phase Forms Fine And Uniform Droplets. At The Same Time, With Lecithin and Other Components, The Dispersion Phase and The Continuous Phase of The Interface are Stabilised and Strengthened, and Finally The Micro-Emulsion or Nano-Emulsion With Tiny Particles In The Size of 100 Nm to 500 Nm Were Created.

The Art of Micro- Emulsification Technology

(The Art of Micro- Emulsification Technology)

 Compared to Traditional Emulsification Technology Products, Products With Micro-Emulsion Technology Have Outstanding Performances As Regards to Skincare Effect. First, It Is Because of Its Particles Having Small Diameter, Good Penetration Power, Is Easier to Enter Skin and to Be Absorbed. Second, The Use of Small Amount of Emulsifiers Could Reduce Irritation on Skin, Hence The Product is Mild to Use. And More Oil-Soluble Active Ingredients are Added to The Water-Type Formula, It Will Not Be Greasy and Can Better Protect The Active Ingredients in The Formula.

Excellent Performance of Nano-Materials

(Excellent Performance of Nano-Materials)

The Micro-Moisture Skincare Series is The New Skincare Products Launched By Nox Bellcow and Some Japanese Micro-Emulsification Experts. Micro-Emulsion Technology Can Create A Tiny Particle of 150 Nanometers That is 100 Times Smaller Than an Ordinary Emulsion. Thus The Skincare Products Created By Using Micro-Emulsification Technology Can Be More Easily Absorbed By The Skin Basal Layer, Bringing Deep Nutrition Supply for Our Skin And Increasing Its Vitality!

The Micro-Moisture Skincare Series

Ultrafine Fibre Mask Has Won The "Scientific Research Achievement Award"

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Cosmetics Market Is Always No Shortage Of Products, But The Lack Of Competitive Ones. Known As The "Oscar" In The Cosmetics Industry, The Chinese Cosmetics Blue Rose Award Ceremony, Yet Another Safe and High-Quality Mask Product – The Ultrafine Fibre Mask of Nox Bellcow, Was Awarded The "Scientific Research Achievement Award," That is Unanimously Affirmed By The Industry!

 The Scientific Research Achievement Award

 (Third from The Right: Fan Zhanhua, General Manager of Nox Bellcow)

 For Nox Bellcow, Research and Development and Innovation are Survival Tactic. Lots of Resources Have Been Put Into The R & D Centre of The International Standard Configuration. The Forming of More Than 100 Professional R & D Engineers Team Making The R & D Technology of A Little Piece of Mask Become The Best In Its Class.

This Ultra-Fine Fibre Mask, Specially Designed for The Face, is an Ultra-Fine Fibre Membrane Cloth With Compact Texture, and Has Four Properties: Soft on Skin, Fluffy and Breathable, Efficient in Absorption and Effective in Penetration. Wrapping The Skin Tightly Making Essence Being More Effectively Absorbed By Every Inch of The Skin. In Addition, The Innovative Use of Emulsion Texture, Can Form A Layer of Light Moisturising Film on The Skin Surface, The Skin Can Feel The Cream-Like Nourishment, With Excellent Moisturising Effect.

Ultrafine Fibre Mask


  There are Many Important People from The Industry Gathered Together to Share Their Cutting-Edge Perspectives and Innovative Trends in Research in This R & D Trends Forum of The China Cosmetics Conference. The Sharing of These Heavy Weight Guests Has Set off A Wave of Climax and Applause at The Conference.

Jadir Nunes, Former Chairman of Ifscc

      (Jadir Nunes, Former Chairman of Ifscc)

Dong Yinmao

      (Dong Yinmao, Director Of Beijing Industrial and Commercial University of China Cosmetics Collaborative Innovation Centre)

Liu Yuliang, Ceo of Jaja)

(Liu Yuliang, Ceo of Jaja)

Nox Bellcow Has A Good Show of Its Own Scientific Research, and Research and Development Strength in 2017 (10th) China Cosmetics Conference. We Explored Opportunities and Exchange Opinions on The Scene. With World's Top Cosmetics Research and Development Resources, We Promote Nox Bellcow in Research and Development to Continuously Having Progress. In The Future, Nox Bellcow Will Continue to Implement The Concept on "R & D Internationalisation, Management Systematisation, Production Automation, and to Promote Normalisation." We Vigorously Develop and Promote Skincare Technology, and Constantly Pursue Excellence in Innovative Research and Development!

Nox Bellcow

(The 6 Masks and 6 New Skincare Series Being Presented in The Exhibition, Were Highly Praised By The Participants)

About China Cosmetics Conference

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        The China Cosmetics Conference Began in 2008, It Is China's International Industry Conference With The Highest Specifications, and Is Most Authoritative and Influential. It is Known as The "Davos Forum” of The Chinese Cosmetics Industry. The Conference Focused on The Concept of "Trend, Communication and Cooperation," Explored The Development Trend of The Industry for Entrepreneurs, to Promote The Level of Enterprise Management, and to Reach A High-Quality Communication Platform for High-Quality Commercial Cooperation. The Conference is Committed to Breaking The Barriers of The Industry, to Enhance Brand Value, Promote Integration of Brand Industry Chain, and Advance in Upgrading The Cosmetics Industry and The Process of Globalisation.

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