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Prenatal Soothing & Protective Essence

Prenatal Soothing & Protective Essence

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Prenatal Skin Care Series

Darker skin tone: The higher level of hormone causes Chloasma, butterfly rash and dark pigmentation. Nipples turn darker.


Stretch marks: The connective tissue is expanded during the prenatal period, causing damages to the elastic fibre of dermis, thus, stretch marks appear.


Dry & rough skin: The secretion of skin sebum drops, therefore, skin is becoming dry and rough, skin peels or even broken.


Rashes & itchiness: The burden to the liver is increased during the prenatal period, the bile is accumulated, fatty acid of the gallbladder released slower, thus, rashes happen.


Star Product: Prenatal Smoothing & Protective Essence


Hydrating & Repairing; Prevent stretch marks; Sooth dry & rashes skin


Core Ingredients: Peptan® Water-Soluble Collagen Peptide

It is high quality collagen peptide, natural and safe, with zero preservatives added. According to some scientific researches, Peptan® stimulates fibroblast cell and rebuilding of collagen, encourages the formation of the structural collagen in dermis. As a result, skin texture is becoming softer, elastic and hydrated. Effective in anti-aging.


Encourages the formation of fibroblast cells

Enhances the formation of collagen

Prevent oxidative stress reaction


No Fragrance

No Colouring

No Chemical


  • Hydrating, Prevent Stretch Marks

The mild formula is friendly to skin. Hydrating and softening, an invisible thin membrane is formed after massage, protecting  the skin,  at the same time releasing protein peptide for the skin; Soft and hydrating, skin is being revitalized, preventing stretch marks.


  • Sooth Dry and Itchy Skin

Containing multiple natural plant sebum that provides lasting hydration, sooth dry skin and relief inflammation with by the match use of centella. Soothing and repairing, strengthening  skin shield, creating  glow skin. 

Product Series

Product PictureProduct Name FeaturesEfficacy




New Born 


Star Product 

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Baby Shampoo & Bath 


Soft & Tender: 

The addition of BLUE TOCOL Bilberry seed oil

 provides softness to skin due to its rich fatty 

acid and Phytosterol.

Soothing and Improve Sleeping Quality: 

The addition of Lavender hydrolat provides babies

with sooth and calm, improving their sleeping 


Shampoo & Bath

Two in One

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Baby Bath Oil

All in One (cleansing, moisturizing, 

and protecting skin surface lipid

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Baby Body Freshening &

 Hydrating Lotion

Freshening & Moisturizing

For after bath use

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Baby Moisturizing Cream

Hydrating & Moisturizing

Relieving dry skin


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Baby Buttocks Repairing Cream

Relieving & Repairing

Soothing red bottom


Skin Care 


Star Product

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Prenatal Soothing & 

Protective Essence

 Peptan® Water-Soluble Collagen Peptide:

 Activate fibroblast cells and accelerate collagen 

rebuilding; enhance the formation of collagen 

molecules that construct dermis, providing softness, elasticity and moisturizing to skin, effective prevent 

skin from aging.

Moisturizing & Preventing stretch 


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Prenatal Repairing & 

Tightening Essence

Hydrating and Tightening loose skin

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Nipple Soothing & 

Repairing Essence 

Repairing dry skin & Improving dull 


Dry / Wet 


Wipe Series

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Baby Hand-Mouth Wet Wipe

Soft & Skin Friendly:

Super soft texture provides extra care to skin

100% Natural Plants:

Using plant fibre to avoid skin allergy

Elastic: Shape remains in good condition after 

repeatedly use; pliable and strong, no fluffing

Food Material

Clean and Safe

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Baby Bottom Wet Wipe

Double Chrysanthemum Essence

Soothing & Hydrating

Star Product 

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Baby Bath Towel Gloves

Bath Towel Gloves

Soft and Convenience 

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Baby Soft Dry Towel

Two in One: Wet & Dry use

Soft and Skin Friendly

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