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Probiotics that you don't know


When it comes to probiotics, most of people are familiar with its benefits such as gut health and immunity enhancement.

A popular theory in academia is that humans are 10% of human and 90% of microbes. On human body live enormous invisible microorganisms. Skin microorganism, host and external environment constitute the skin microeubiosis through interaction. Skin microbes are an important part of the equilibrium system.

Once skin microeubiosis gets imbalanced, “disaster” will occur to skin.


Skin barrier degenerates

Skin gets dry

Skin gets tarnished

Skin becomes sensitive

As with studies on intestinal micro-ecological regulation, probiotics, prebiotics or synbiotics have been found to improve the micro-ecological environment and restore normal skin cell metabolism.

What are prebiotics?

The concept of prebiotics was put forward by the international “Father of Prebiotics” -- Glenn Gibson in 1995. It refers to some organic substances that can selectively promote the metabolism and proliferation of beneficial bacteria in human body without being digested and absorbed by the host, thus improving the health of the host. [1] 


Since probiotics are good for humans when they're used in food, what if they're used in skin care products?

1. The skin “Yakult”, balances the skin probiotics group.

Natural inulin and bifida ferment essence, can restore the balance of skin micro-ecology and protect skin biofilm, presenting you healthy skin from outside to inside.

2. Selected ingredients, make you rest assured of skin care.

The selected skin-care ingredients with EWG Score of 1-2 points rival some maternal and infant products; meanwhile, they are also suitable for users with sensitive skin.

3. Natural formula with more than 90% of fermented ingredients, helps skin to absorb them easily.

More than 90% of the ingredients are made through fermentation, thus, smaller molecules are easier to be absorbed.

Core ingredients:


Can prevent the preservative from damaging skin microorganism

Can protect the moisturizing biofilm formed by microbial community on skin.

Bifida ferment filtrate

Can protect beneficial bacteria with anti-bacterial action

Have the functions of anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

Can regulate immunity and balance flora.

Lactococcus ferment lysate

Can increase oxygen consumption and metabolism of cells, as well as eliminate free radicals.

Can promote collagen proliferation

Can increase fibroblast proliferation

Balance Care Prebiotic Cleaning Foam

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Product features:

Remove dirt and dirt from skin, leaving skin moist and clean.

As a type of fermented cleanser, the product can be skin-friendly.

It can make skin smooth and easy to clean.


Main efficacy:

Can cleanse skin in a mild way, and make skin moisturized.


Balance Care Prebiotic Smoothing Toner

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Product features:

Soothe skin and amplify skin absorption of ingredients.

Promote skin regeneration, and balance water and oil.

Make skin refreshed.


Main efficacy:

Soothe and refresh skin.

Balance Care Prebiotic Refining Lotion

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Product features:

Moisturize skin, and promote moisture-retention barrier.

Natural, fermented breathable water-locked film with polysaccharides

Soft and moist, easy to absorb


Main efficacy:

Moisturize skin, and build moisture-retention barrier.




Balance Care Prebiotic Nursing Essence

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Product features:

Strengthen skin barrier, and enhance skin defense.

Promote skin regeneration.

Silky texture

Main efficacy:

Strengthen skin barrier, and enhance skin defense.



Balance Care Prebiotic Series

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Product features:

Repair skin barrier and restore a healthy skin environment.

Delicate and moisturized

Yogurt-like creamy texture

Main efficacy:

Repair skin barrier and restore a healthy skin environment.


When selecting the balance care prebiotic series, which can stabilize skin micro-ecosystem, repair and refresh skin, you can protect your skin with an “invisible umbrella”.

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