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Pros and Cons of Wet Tissues


Wet tissues, sometimes referred to wet wipes or wet towels, are one of the most useful inventions in the cosmetics industry. Although they are commonly used for babies during the diaper change, they come in different varieties and are used for different purposes including wiping off makeup, wiping surfaces, like toilet paper substitute and quick fix general cleaning. 

As much as they come in handy most of the time, wet wipes also have their pros and cons as discussed below.



1.They are multifunctional.

Wet tissue can be used for many different purposes. When compared to the traditional toilet paper, the wet wipe takes the day when it comes to utilitarian functionality. Your regular packet of wet wipes can serve you many purposes from wiping off make-up, cleaning your kitchen counter, decreasing your utensils, quick stain removal, and many more other uses. 

You have to be careful though when choosing your wet wipes because there are some that are specifically for skin care while others are solely for bathroom hygiene. However, a majority of brands manufacture multipurpose wet tissues making it easier to use them anywhere. Because of its multi-functionality, the wet wipes is an ideal must-have for travel because it will come in handy in so many ways more than you can think.

2.They are hygienic.

The main idea behind the invention of the wet tissue is the fact that more often than not, something is never thoroughly clean until some level of wetness is involved. I know many people can attest to not feeling completely comfortable until they use some sort of water to clean themselves. This means that regular toilet paper is never enough for some people. 

3. They are disinfectants.

Besides having different fragrances, wet wipes often have disinfecting capabilities because they mostly contain alcohol or other forms of disinfectants. Additionally, it is usually well tucked in its packet and has no chance of collecting any dirt from the surrounding, unlike toilet paper. This gives you the surety that your personal hygiene and comfort are well catered for.

4. There are flushable options.

Did you know that there are flushable wipes? After so much scrutiny on the adverse effects of using wet wipes in the bathroom such as clogging of drainage or sewer systems, some companies have finally started making flushable wipes. Wondering how? Well, flushable wet tissues are manufactured in such a way that they break down once they are in contact with water. Although they might take much longer to break down if compared with regular toilet paper, they will eventually break down and prevent clogging so you don’t have to worry about your plumbing system. However, whenever possible, it is advised that you do not flush any wet wipes down the drain if you have an option such as a disposal bin.

5. They are portable.

Can you imagine carrying a whole roll of toilet paper wherever you go? No? I thought so. With wet tissue, you never have to worry about carrying bulk since they come in small portable packets that can easily be carried anywhere. This will come in handy because you will never find wet wipes in public restrooms. Their portability over toilet paper is also another reason they are an ideal must-have item for travel and outdoor activities.

6. There are gender-specific options.

Ever heard about man wipes? Since wet wipes have been long associated with women and babies only, there has been a gap in the market that has been overlooked and it was about time that men had something for their needs. Just like other cosmetic products, wet tissues for men are becoming a trend lately with brands like Dude Wipes making wet wipes specifically for men. Men and women both have different bodies and while our hygiene needs may be the same for both genders, men’s skin and women’s skin react differently to products hence the need for gender-specific products.


1. Expensive

Wet tissue is slightly more expensive than toilet paper or other cleaning tissues. Therefore, it is not something that you would consider using on the regular like toilet paper unless you are willing to dig deeper into your pockets. 

If this is the case then well and good, if not then you may want to juggle between normal toilet paper and wet wipe as it suits you. Some people prefer to use toilet paper together with wet wipes so as to subsidize the costs involved. Otherwise, you can designate wet tissue for only specific functions like bathroom, travel or outdoors and use other options for other functions such as cleaning household surfaces.

2. Not environmentally friendly 

The material used in many wet wipes brands may not be biodegradable making them a threat to the environment. However, this is a problem that can be tackled with proper disposals such as incineration or recycling.

Additionally, with the pressing environmental concerns and regulations in many countries, companies have no other choice but to substitute their previous materials with organic or biodegradable options in order to stay afloat in the market. Consequently, wet tissue manufacturers have started using organic and biodegradable material for their products to curb environmental pollution.

3. Clogging sewer systems 

This is the most common and widespread concern on the use of wet tissue. Every year, a good number of urban areas experience flooding as a result of blockage of their sewer systems. One of the contributing factors is claimed to be the use of the tissue. Even with the availability of flushable wet wipes, there is still not enough sensitization on the issue of clogging sewer systems. However, this is mostly due to ignorance and can be countered with sensitization and creating awareness on the issue so as to reduce the effects or entirely deal with the problem.

While it is quite evident that the pros of wet tissue outweigh the cons, the various environmental concerns of wet wipes can be dealt with accordingly to reduce the negative impact on the environment. However, if your personal hygiene is something that cannot be compromised, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use wet tissue as long as you do it appropriately. For more details about wet tissue, you can check at our official website.

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