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Qualified wipes need to meet the following three characteristics

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-27

People are gradually becoming more and more dissatisfied with the use of paper towels. The demand for wet wipes on the market has become higher and higher. In fact, as qualified wet wipes on the market, they need to meet the following three major features:

1.Sterilize and remove stains

Smudges and bacteria are visible and invisible pollutants respectively. Most of the smudges can be removed by wet wipes, but for bacteria, the wet wipes need to be added with antiseptic ingredients. At present, the wet wipes on the market can be divided into two categories: the first category is disinfected by itself, but no sterilizing ingredients are added, so it can only wipe off the stains on the surface of the article, but cannot play the role of sterilization and disinfection.

Another type of added antiseptic ingredients, which will be mentioned on the package, commonly used are benzalkonium chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride, etc., which can be scratched and scratched on the skin. It is used for disinfection or sterilization under circumstances and is suitable for use when going out. Some media have exaggerated the claim that the sterilizing ingredients in wet wipes are toxic and harmful to health. The sterilizing ingredients may indeed be toxic and irritating at high concentrations, but they are very small in wet wipes and do not cause harm. Be careful not to let your baby chew wet. Do not use wet wipes to wipe the mouthpiece.

2.Moisturizing effect

Propylene glycol is a commonly used moisturizing ingredient in wet wipes. In addition, aloe vera extract also has a certain degree of moisturizing. Although some wet wipes appear to be natural and safe, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced if they do not have moisturizers.

3.Material of wet wipes

The material of wet wipes is mostly spun lace non-woven fabric, which is basically a combination of viscose and polyester. Polyester is a chemical fiber, while viscose is a natural fiber mainly made of cotton. Generally, the raw material of wet wipes is mostly polyester. Wet wipes (cotton wipes) with a large proportion of non-woven fabrics and natural fibers have a soft hand and are more suitable for soft skin.

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