A manufacturing enterprise professed in the research & development design,and manufacturing of cosmetics ODM.



·We have more than 100 scientific and technical staff.  Our professional research team includes more than 50 members of PHD students, post-graduate students and undergraduate students (skincare & nonwoven fabric).

·A special group on sensory test (mask & skincare).

·We have been working with Guangzhou University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Beijing Technology and Business University and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of process engineering) on joint research development projects.

·According to customer’s needs or market trends, our team develops propective product formulas that are of market value. From product proofing to large production; we coordinate with customer to work on the R & D of formulas, commissioning and testing. Each year we have over 2,000 related testing to ensure products’ safety and effectiveness. 

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