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safety skin products care supplier for skincare

safety skin products care supplier for skincare

Safety skin products care supplier for skincare

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Product Details
NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of Customized Skin Care Products.NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce Customized Skin Care Products which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.
Enterprise Strength
  • NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics attaches great importance to the impact of service on corporate reputation. We are dedicated to providing professional and high-quality services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. NOX BELLCOW skin moisturizer has to be tested complying with rigorous standards. These tests include mechanical performance testing, fatigue resistance testing, dimensional stability testing, and so on.
2. The product has a long service life. The end face of the product is made of self-lubricating and wear-resistant material composition which enhances its wearability.
3. It features strong anti-corrosion performance. The housing is made of non-corrosive materials which are not susceptible to chemical liquids, oils, or moisture.
4. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd has accumulated abundant capital and a number of customers and a steady business platform.

Essence Series

With the advent of the era of face value economy, 

young consumers’ skin care consumption is not only to meet the needs of efficacy, 

but also to integrate their own preferences and emotions to share and express their happiness in daily skin care.

 The traditional essence is "effective" and“beautiful”and accepted by young consumers quickly. 

High face value of eight essences to stimulate the heartstrings of consumers, 

give consumers diversified choices in response to different skin conditions in different seasons.

safety skin products care supplier for skincare-1 

   Transparent Blue Double Essence

Top layer: Plant oil——Squalane

Instantly permeated water and oil into skin,

moisturized and form natural skin shield.

   Bottom Layer: Essence——Natural Moisturizing Factors: Hyaluronic Acid

   Hyaluronic acid is the best moisturizing substance found from nature thusfar, 

it increases water level in stratum corneum, 

reduces lose of water, thus strengthens water-locking ability.

Match Ingredient: Malachite Extracts

High Face Value: Malachite Extracts Comes with Natural Light Blue

High Efficacy: Malachite Extracts Activate and Regulate Skin, 

Strengthen the Ability of Cell to Lock Water

Some Tips for Every Day Use

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Shake well in order to mix water and oil,

take out 1-2 drops onto the palm and smear out,

warm in the palm then lightly press onto the face and neck for skin absorption。


Company Features
1. skin products from NOX BELLCOW has passed international standards and NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd becomes one of the largest exporter.
2. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd has gained wide recognition in the field of skin products.
3. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics will continuously enrich its product range that are popular with consumers around the world. Get price! NOX BELLCOW always stays on the aim of being a professional manufacturer. Get price! NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd will always be determined to forge ahead and persist in research and innovation. Get price! NOX BELLCOW will carry forward the spirit of enterprise and provide customers with the most valuable service. Get price!
NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd provide abundant product categories of skin moisturizer to maximum satisfy costumers. It features excellent slip resistance compared with the same-typed products in the market
It is skin products that helps gain the popularity among the market. It is enjoyable for all ages to play with
According to different price level, we use different level of material for skin moisturizer. The product is made to be virtually tear-proof
The well-designed skin products makes it more special than other similar products. Its fillers can be glittering powders, paillettes, and other non-toxic materials
The design of skin products has many virtues such as skin products and so on. Its abrasion resistance and weather resistance make it extremely popular
The product is environmentally friendly. Many of the materials within these batteries, such as lead, plastic, and metal, are recyclable. It produces no annoying sounds disrupting the room peace
The product is less prone to memory. It can be briefly charged at any time regardless of their charging state. Its materials including TPR make it easy-to-clean
The product has a low self-discharge rate. It can retain the stored energy best and can be kept in storage for several years. It can withstand the heavy use in hands
The product is able to achieve quick charging. It takes only a little time to charge as compared to other batteries. It can be available in different cartoon patterns
The product has a long cycle life. The active materials feature strong stability and it is optimized in terms of the prevention of leaks. It produces no annoying sounds disrupting the room peace
The product stands out for its reasonable construction. The key design parameters such as mechanical strength and abuse tolerance to withstand changeable conditions. Also, the product has great tensile strength and is not easy to break
People can relieve the worry that it will not cause personal injury or have combustion if it is suddenly affected by shock, dropping, or squeezing. Thanks to TPR materials, it is environmental-friendly and healthy
The product causes no environmental pollution and it can be recycled, which has a positive impact on the environment as a whole. It can withstand the heavy use in hands
This product plays an important role in nearly every aspect of our modern life, such as telecommunication, medical science, electronic industry, navigation, etc. Its fillers can be glittering powders, paillettes, and other non-toxic materials
The product has a usable long lifetime and needs little maintenance. Once installed, there is little part to maintain or replace or repair. It can promote relaxation and reduce tension for those people suffering from ADHD or autism
Its characteristics make it perfectly suitable for applications which require extended storage life such as national defense, navigation, aviation, etc. It produces no annoying sounds disrupting the room peace
If people recycle this product, they can contribute a lot in reducing global warming. Because it reduces the emission of various toxin gases caused by the dumping or burning of this product. The colors can be customized based on customers' requirements
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