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The correct method of testing the quality of wet wipes

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-26

Life habits and hygiene are changing with the times, and many young people pay more and more attention to it. Wet wipes are a kind of wet wipes that people often use to clean up stains. The selected wet wipes need to be of qualified quality. Tell everyone about wet wipes. The correct inspection method of towel quality:

1、Test wear resistance

Take a piece of wet tissue and wipe it dozens of times on a flat surface, and then compare the fuzziness of the surface of the wet tissue. The quality of the wet tissue with less fluff or lint-free is better.

2、Test moisture retention

Wipe the back of the hand with a wet wipe, and then wait for 5 minutes or 30 minutes to observe the humidity of the back of the hand. The wetness of the back of the hand is relatively good, indicating that the moisturizing effect of this wet wipe is also better.

3、Test the pH value

The easiest way to test the pH value of baby wipes is to use a pH test paper, put on clean plastic gloves and soak the liquid in the test paper, and then compare the color of the test paper to determine the pH value of the wet tissue.

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