A manufacturing enterprise professed in the reaearch & development design,and manufacturing of cosmetics ODM.



1.Business Philosophy: Safety, Research & Development and Management


We carry out rigorous screening and control of raw materials, and we are in line with the GMP standard of a clean environment for production, to ensure product quality and safety. Before putting our products on the market, comprehensive and rigorous testing is being run. We have strict implementation of our comprehensive quality control system,to make sure our consumers’ safety is being protected.


Research & Development

We have built a powerful research and development team with more than 100 engineers, focus on the research and development of mask, skin care products and wipes.

We have been working with Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Beijing Technology and Business University and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of process engineering) on joint research development projects.

We work with Dr. Kim Sun Young and Professor Park Qing from Korea, to set up a Nox Bellcow Research Institute in Korea, with the goal is to joint research and develop on raw materials and produce innovative products.



We think of management as a systematic project, therefore we have passed the ISO9001, GMPC, ISO22716, ISO13485, BSCI certifications,we have deployed 7 large management systems: ERP(Enterprise Resource System)、WMS (Warehouse Management System)、MES(Manufacturing Execution System)、SFC(Automated Monitoring System)、APS (Producting Planning & Order Scheduling System)、PLM(Research & Development Management System)、LIVE (Live Broadcasting System).

We also equipped with double Step Reverse-Osmosis + DEI Water-Purifying System、High-precision vacuum emulsification equipment such as MIZUHO、a special mask fabric production line from fibre to mask、the most advanced automatic mask production line.

2.Management Philosophy

Nox Bellcow advocates a people-oriented management philosophy, paying attention to employees: caring for our staff, shaping them, provides organisational systematic training, join hands with schools, to hold in-job training courses for college students and the establishment of enterprise skills personnel service stations, and constantly improves the professionalism of our staff.

Nox Bellcow implemented a scientific internal incentive mechanism. During internal selection of outstanding staff promotion, we enable our employees to become more proactive.

3.The Enterprise Spirit: "A concentric force"

This means to independently play out a sense of ownership awareness, taking total responsibility in one’s own position, to contribute using one’s own intelligence on the development of enterprise. Take the initiative to consciously walking the same pace with enterprise’s development stage, we share the same fate and same thought- the enterprise from top to bottom think as one. We achieve powerful results due to cooperation, we work hard together to achieve the " Nox Bellcow dream".

4.Strategic Direction

R&D internationalisation, systematic management, automated production, promotion normalisation.

5.Corporate Mission

A professional ODM focus on the achievements of beauty

The innovative joint development model has the advantage of team operations. Any professional thinking can infiltrate in every detail, Nox Bellcow takes safety, scientific research and management concept seriously into each batch of our products, to create a safe, effective and advanced high-quality new product for every consumer.

6.Corporate Vision

We strive to become a world-class cosmetics manufacturing service providers by constantly improve our R & D technology in mask and skincare products. We continue to promote the development of skincare industry. We hope everyone in the world can have the access to safe, effective and comfortable masks; putting Chinese manufacturing on the world map.

7.Corporate Values

Safety is our number one priority, and we firmly believe that: Product safety starts with scientific research. And to do a good job on each batch every day, we have to rely on rigorous system management.


We are committed to provide quality products and services for many well-known cosmetics brands within mainland and overseas.

Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

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