What about FOB of baby wipes?

FOB, meaning Free On Board, is provided for baby wipes at NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd. It is different from CFR/CNF and CIF. To be more specific, under the term of FOB, the buyer is at risk and takes ownership of goods once the seller ships the goods. We provide only manufacturing, packaging and quality inspection services for the customers. The customers should pick up the products at the designated place and have their own delivery resources. We will provide some assistance for customers to implement the trading measures.
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After several years of arduous pioneering, NOX BELLCOW has established a good management system and market network. NOX BELLCOW's main products include Men's skin care series. The product is tear-resistant. Its elongation at break or stretchability has been enhanced under the stretching workmanship. NBC cosmetics are made using proprietary technology for high demanding applications. NOX BELLCOW has established a brand image with market influence. NBC cosmetics will stimulate the growth of healthy tissue.

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