What are applications of baby wipes produced by NOX BELLCOW?

Baby wipes is designed to be versatile which can be used in many various fields. Based on the functions of the product, its applications can be also varied. Having been tested millions of times from raw materials to a finished product, the product is certified to be used in many places.
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NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a very successful listed company in the wet tissue industry. NOX BELLCOW's main products include Essence series. The manufacture of NOX BELLCOW lip moisturizer involves a series of processes which include the extraction of raw materials, forming cutting, shaping, and drying. NBC wet wipes are ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user. We control quality of Make Up Remover from raw material to every stage of production. NBC cosmetics will stimulate the growth of healthy tissue.

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