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What are the classifications of facial masks?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-17

1. Mud cream mask

Good cleansing and moisturizing effect, and can soften hardened sebum that blocks pores. After applying the face, blackheads and acne are easy to squeeze out. It is the best choice for dry skin that is not suitable for steam. Among them, those without special oil-absorbing ingredients are suitable for medium and dry skin, and those with more kaolin (also known as Chinese clay) or oil-absorbing ingredients are suitable for oily skin. However, this type of mask contains high levels of anticorrosive agents and minerals, so it is recommended for sensitive skin.

2, peel-off mask

The main ingredients are polymer glue, water and alcohol. The cleaning principle is the same as that of the mud paste type. It also promotes blood circulation and metabolism by raising the epidermal temperature. Peel from top to bottom, avoiding the eye sockets, eyebrows, and hairline into the skin around the lips. Because it does not contain moisturizers, it is not suitable for dry skin, and the peeling method is not suitable for sensitive skin.

3, jelly mask

Remove the alkaline agent into the surfactant in the jelly-type cleansing mask, and then add some maintenance ingredients to become a jelly-type maintenance mask. Among them, the transparent ones only add water-soluble skincare ingredients, which are more suitable for oily skin. The opaque ones have more ingredients. Dry skin can also be used. The smear must have a certain thickness, and the pores must be covered for better Play a role.

4. Cream mask

The effect is not much different from that of a normal night cream. The texture is similar to that of skin cream. Most facial masks with whitening, moisturizing, and soothing effects fall into this category. Wipe clean after application. Because of its mild texture and wide adaptability, it can be used on sensitive skin.

5. Cotton cloth type maintenance mask

It is to absorb the formulated high-concentration maintenance essence on cotton cloth (paper). The ingredients are easy to control and a variety of nutrients can be added, which can increase the penetration amount and penetration depth of skincare ingredients and can quickly change the skin's moisture content. However, this type of mask has no cleansing effect and is not suitable for people who need deep cleansing.

6, bubble mask

After applying it to the face, it will instantly produce dense bubbles through the action of yeast for 30 seconds. When the bubbles burst, it will provide aerobic maintenance to the skin and instantly achieve the effect of whitening and hydrating. It takes only 5 minutes, and it is not suitable for applying for too long.

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