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What's the matter with the tingling feeling of the mask?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2022-07-27

There are two possible reasons for tingling on the face with the facial mask:

1. Dehydrated skin

If the skin is dehydrated, there will be a tingling sensation when applying the mask, but this tingling sensation is short-lived, and the tingling sensation will gradually disappear after 3-5 minutes, because the usual moisturizing is not enough, then If the skin is dehydrated, then the large amount of moisture on the mask will make the skin temporarily unable to adapt and cause a tingling sensation.

2. Skin allergies

When the tingling sensation after applying the mask on the skin is continuous, and when the mask is taken off, the face is red and swollen, which is an allergic reaction. At this time, the mask can no longer be used. It must be removed in time. Wash your face with soap as soon as possible. Use a towel dampened with normal saline and apply a cold compress on the face for about 20 minutes. After the application, apply desonide cream externally, and then take oral anti-allergic drugs.

Do you need to wash your face after applying the mask?

patch mask

The easiest and most convenient mask, and the one that most people like to use. The essence of a mask is basically about 25~35ml. After applying it for about 15 minutes, there will be some essence left on the face. Gently massage for a while to make the essence better absorbed by the skin. Here comes the key point! If you feel that your face is still sticky after massaging and there is a lot of essences, you can rinse it off with water, and then proceed to the follow-up skin care steps.

sleeping mask

Sleeping masks are also often used by little sisters, which is suitable for lazy little sisters. However, if you have sensitive skin or oily skin, it is not recommended for little sisters to use sleeping masks. Using too much will cause excessive maintenance, and acne problems will follow. If the fairies want to use them, you can choose some more refreshing and moisturizing sleeping masks.

peel off mask

Some cleansing masks are of the tear-off type, especially some nose masks that remove blackheads. After you take it off, you will see the dense feeling on it, right? But many people start the normal skin care steps after taking it off, completely ignoring the need for The step of astringent pores leads to the return of blackheads after a few days. Whether it is torn off the nose mask or mask, after removing it, be sure to rinse it with clean water, and then wet it with astringent water for a while to help shrink the pores.

jelly mask

The jelly mask, as the name suggests, has the same shape as jelly. It is very comfortable to apply on the face in summer, but it will be sticky after drying. If the little sisters feel that the stickiness is within the tolerable range, You don't need to wash your face. If you need to wash it, you can rinse it with water or use a sponge to wash it off, and the skin will feel soft and tender.

mud mask

After the mud-type mask is applied, it is difficult to completely clean the mask with water. If it remains in the pores of the skin, it will block the pores and cause skin problems. Therefore, it is recommended that after the mud mask is applied, a mild facial cleanser and then rinsing with water will be better.

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