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What should I do if my skin tone is uneven?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-07-24

Dark skin, obvious acne marks, large pores, the most frightening thing is uneven skin tone! What causes uneven skin tone? The main feature of uneven skin tone is that the skin in some areas is darker than other areas, and the yellowing is obvious. The most common areas are the T-zone and around the lips, and the eyes are also prone to dullness, as shown in the following figure. Dryness and lack of water, excessive oil secretion and thickening of the stratum corneum can also lead to dull skin.

For example, the T-zone is prone to oil, keratin is easy to accumulate under the lips, and the skin color is yellower than the cheeks. Ultraviolet rays and photoaging are also causes of uneven skin tone, which can make the skin red or yellow. In addition to these, there are irregular life schedules, and an unbalanced diet can lead to dull and uneven skin tone.

1. Make-up remover should choose make-up remover or makeup fixing spray to remove makeup according to the daily makeup situation. If you just wipe off the sunscreen and other products, you can use make-up remover to wipe gently. However, if For thicker makeup, you will choose to use make-up remover for cleansing.

2. If the daily cleansing work is not done well, it will lead to pigmentation, aging of the skin, and uneven skin tone. Therefore, we must pay attention to daily makeup and facial cleansing! It is recommended to choose appropriate makeup remover and cleansing products for personal conditions. If you have oily skin, you need to take appropriate oil control measures. Use refreshing moisturizing products together. Using only oil control products, but still not changing the bad habits of staying up late and heavy mouth, will not achieve a good oil control effect. In daily life, maintaining good habits is the way to control oil from the root.

3. Sun protection and sun protection need to be done all year round. It is not only necessary to be good at sunscreen in summer. Although the sunshine time in winter is short, the intensity of ultraviolet rays is not weakened. After a long time, melanin will be produced, resulting in uneven skin tone. So don't neglect the work of sun protection.

4. In addition to skin care, the fastest way to modify uneven skin tone is to rely on makeup. Mixed dry skin or dry skin is more prone to dryness in spring. Before applying makeup, you must use the moisturizing function to make the foundation more compliant, and it is also easy to float or get powdered. Mixed dry skin or dry skin use foundation appeal is to moisturize and not skin. Honey lemonade has a whitening effect~ Drink plenty of water, at least one liter a day, to promote metabolism.

Red beans and barley porridge or boiled water to drink. Eat more vegetables and fruits, long-term consumption can make our skin delicate. In fact, most people have the problem of uneven skin tone. As long as the fairies insist on conditioning, they will get better!

To sum up the uneven skin tone, there are actually three points: clean well, moisturize, and sunscreen! In short, if you want to have healthy skin and complexion, start by going to bed early!

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