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What to do with facial edema?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-07-23

u200bu200bMany women ate too much food or drank too much water the day before, causing swelling of the face and eyes the next day. I believe that many women are troubled. In fact, how to avoid edema climbing up? What can be done to improve the edema?

Causes of edema:

1. Edema is caused by excess water in the body, which accumulates excessively, causing edema.

2. An abnormal diet causes an imbalance of sodium and potassium ions in the intracellular and external fluids.

3, the internal blood does not circulate, resulting in local physique edema and figure.

4. Pathological edema caused by patients with heart, lung and kidney diseases.

How to prevent facial swelling?

1. Do not drink water before going to bed. Facial swelling is usually caused by poor blood circulation and metabolism, and the inability to discharge excess wastewater in the body in time and the water seeps back into the skin to cause swelling and edema. So don't drink too much water three hours before going to bed.

2. Eating more light food is closely related to edema. What you eat today will show up on your body tomorrow. So eat food with less salt and a light taste.

3. Eat more draining foods. Red beans, coix seed, cucumber, watermelon, etc. are all good draining ingredients. Although they can't be effective immediately, you can see the results as long as you stick to it.

4. Take frequent baths to promote metabolism. Soak the whole body in warm water, use the water temperature to increase the body's metabolism and promote blood circulation, so that excess water and waste can be discharged from the body.

5. Women who have a good complexion and insist on exercising will have a much better complexion, posture, or health status than the average person, and their face will not be swollen easily. Mid-term aerobic exercise and stretching gymnastics are the best.

How to help reduce swelling of the face?

1. Saltwater compresses the eyes to reduce swelling. Add a teaspoon of salt to 500cc of warm water at 40 degrees. After stirring, soak the gauze in the saltwater to fully absorb the salt, then stack the gauze into an appropriate size and apply it to the eyes for About 20 minutes.

2. Apply hot and cold alternately on the face, first apply a hot towel on the face, then apply cold, repeat 3 times. The time for hot and cold compresses on the face should be allocated in a ratio of 1:2, at least 15 minutes. It can promote blood circulation in the skin and expel excess water use a skin barrier repairing mask during the process of vasoconstriction and re-expansion.

3, high pillow black coffee when sleeping can prevent moisture from accumulating on the face or eyes. Drinking a cup of black coffee after waking up will help you excrete excess water in a short period of time in the morning because coffee has a diuretic effect and stimulates gastrointestinal motility.

4. Facial acupoint massage. Many acupoints on the face and body can reflect whether the blood is running smoothly or not. Frequent stimulation and pressing of the acupoints can improve the function of the viscera and eliminate edema. Apply massage cream and massage 10 times in a circular motion, paying attention to the spiral shape during the massage.

5. Drinking strong tea helps reduce swelling. The principle of strong tea to reduce swelling is also the effect of caffeine. It contains not only caffeine but also catechins, which have the effect of eliminating swelling on the face and eyes. After eating breakfast, brew a cup of strong tea and drink, and the swelling effect can be seen after about 30-60 minutes.

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