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Which wet wipes cannot be used?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-23

The cleansing effect of wet wipes has gradually penetrated into our lives over time. It is one of the products needed at this stage. Colleagues can better care for the skin, but the wet wipes manufactured by different manufacturers are all It's different. Do you know which wet wipes can't be used by babies?

1. Wet wipes with added ingredients cannot be bought

Don't be deceived by nature, natural plants, and also look at the added ingredients. Choose those harmful ingredients that do not contain alcohol, fluorescent agents, bleaching powder, chemical flavors, and pigments. The simpler the content of the ingredient list, the better!

2. Wet wipes with two preservatives cannot be bought

Usually, wet wipes have added preservatives, but you cannot buy wet wipes containing CIT and MIT preservatives. They are commonly used in cosmetics.

3. Do not buy wet wipes containing alcohol

Alcohol is irritating and can interfere with brain development, and the easily volatilized characteristics of alcohol can make a skin that is already dehydrated become drier. Therefore, carefully read the ingredient list.

4. Do not buy wet wipes with fragrance

This kind of wet wipes is easy to cause soft skin allergies. Choose odorless wipes to be safe and secure.

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