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Why can FN Fibronectin repair skin, remove acne, as well as fade fine wrinkles?


As human body's largest organ, skin has the most extensive contact with the outside world. Among its multiple functions, one is for protection. Nowadays, our skin is damaged due to environmental change, air pollution, unhealthy living habits, and improper use of skin care products.

Then how to solve three common skin problems?

1. “Promoted Appearance” after medical cosmetology is in the need for careful care.


In the matter of beauty, human beings have been constantly studying while technology is also in constant progress. In recent years, “medical cosmetology” has become increasingly popular after “cosmeceuticals” has got unpopular. Skin repairing after medical cosmetology such as hyaluronic acid injection, microneedle, ultrasonic knife and laser, has directly promoted the increase of the skin-repairing market. Medical cosmetology, which is accompanied by an invasive treatment course, ultimately requires human’s own skin-repairing ability. The use of skin-repairing products can accelerate the repair of wounds and improve the effect of medical cosmetology.


FN Deep Repairing and Revitalizing Freeze-dried Powder

Especially suitable for skin with wounds and dry, sensitive skin after medical cosmetology



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1. Quickly replenish skin moisture, and repair the damaged barrier.

2. With soothing and repairing lysozyme essence, it will intensively replenish skin-repairing energy for skin.

3. Components:

FN Fibronectin

Ceratonia siliqua seed, ceramide+β-glucan

CALMISKIN sensitivity-soothing factor

The epidermal cells were inoculated into 6-well plates, and the drug administration test was carried out when the laying rate reached 60%. (That concentration of EGF in the control group was 10ng/ML, and that of FN protein freeze-dried powder in the sample was 15ng/ML). When the cell laying rate reached 100%, the cells were scratched. The cell nucleus was observed 20h after scratching.


Compared with the control group, FN has obvious promotion effect on cell migration, suggesting that it has the ability to repair tissue damage.




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                                                                                                                                                                       Control group: EGF 10ng/ML

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                                                                                                                                                                     FN protein freeze-dried powder 15ng/ML


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Fibronectin's ability to repair damaged skin rivals that of EGF


2. Adolescence comes with “Acne” as well as “Mask Face”.

Blackheads, acne and pustules are caused by exuberant sebum secretion and too much sebum secretion due to endocrine increase during adolescence. Regular makeup will also make pores blocked, coupled with the current epidemic, consequently, “mask face” has also been an obvious characteristics of majorities. Skin problems keep bothering majorities such as acne, local redness, itching, and inflammation.



FN First Aid Skin Kit: First Aid Skin Smoothing Gel+First Aid Skin Smoothing Essence

Especially suitable for skin damaged by acne

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1.Effectively soothe and repair damaged skin, prevent acne scars, and provide first-aid repair for local swelling and wounds.

2.Fused with gel-texture essence, it can quickly help you to achieve the effect of first aid based on its features of being fresh and not greasy.


FN fibronectin

Saffron 360° sensitivity-soothing factor

Homologous carnosine + ceratonia siliqua seed 

Functional testing:

According to the 7-day test results, adult volunteers first applied local points of First Aid Skin Smoothing Gel to red and swollen acne, and then applied FN First Aid Skin Smoothing Essence to the whole face, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Before use, there were acne on the subject's cheeks, and pores were bulky. The local redness was found, and skin inflammatory reaction was obvious in the red zone mode; After 7 days of use, the color of cheek red area faded and the inflammatory reaction improved; the product combination shows obvious acne removal effect within 7 days.

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Excellent acne treatment effect


3. The damage to skin from the outside world and by artificial reasons.

Factors such as air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, staying up late, longer screen time of mobile phone, and long-term improper cleaning will definitely lead to skin dryness and light aging.


FN Deep Repairing and Revitalizing Stock Solution

Especially suitable for dry, sensitive, and aging skin.

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1. Effectively repair damaged sebum of sensitive skin and restore skin to a healthy and vital condition.

2. Restore skin sebum barrier to enhance self-capacity of moisture retention.

And finally, repair skin dryness and fine lines caused by lack of moisture.

3. Components:

FN fibronectin

Bifida + glycogen

Alpinia speciosa leaf extract + homologous carnosine

Comparison of samples taken by VISIA-C around the right eye of subjects before and after use

The moisture content of skin stratum corneum in the test area of using the product showed an upward trend after 4 weeks of using the product, and there was significant difference.

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Significantly improve the moisture content of cuticle and fade the fine wrinkles around the eyes

So What is Fibronectin

The FN, Fibronectin, is high molecular proteins widely existing in tissues and tissue fluids. They can promote cell adhesion, migration, growth, proliferation and differentiation, and have biological functions of cell regeneration and repair.

However, our FN series contains recombinant small molecule fibrin, referred to as recombinant FN; small molecular recombinant FN has better safety, higher specific activity, easy skin absorption, uneasy protein fibrosis and easy dispersion.


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