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Will alcohol wipes hurt the skin?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-20

Alcohol-containing wipes are a kind of cleaning product that many people will choose recently. They can play a good role in disinfection and sterilization. Will alcohol wipes hurt the skin?

1. Will alcohol wipes hurt the skin?

There will be a certain impact.

Occasional use of alcohol wipes to wipe the face will not cause much damage to the skin, and it can also play a good role in disinfection and sterilization.

But if you use alcohol wipes for a long time to wipe your face, it will have certain damage to the skin, because alcohol has a certain irritation, and the facial skin is more sensitive. If the facial skin is stimulated for a long time, it will easily affect the skin health. .

Secondly, alcohol has a certain degree of volatility. If you wipe your face for a long time, it will easily lead to a dry feeling on the face, which will gradually cause symptoms such as dry skin and enlarged pores.

2. Can alcohol wipes wipe hands?


Hand rubbing with alcohol wipes is more suitable than wiping the face because the skin on the hands is relatively more tolerant and can accept the stimulation of alcohol wipes.

Secondly, the hands are often in contact with objects, and also often in contact with the mouth, and alcohol wipes can play a good role in disinfection and sterilization, thereby ensuring the hygiene and safety of the hands.

Therefore, in terms of skin tolerance and hygiene, and safety, alcohol wipes can be used to wipe hands, but it is also not recommended to use alcohol wipes too frequently and for a long time.

3. Will the alcohol-containing wipes turn your face black?


In the wet wipes containing alcohol, there are no ingredients that will make the skin dark. The darkening may be related to personal eating habits and living habits.

If the skin becomes dark after wiping the face with alcohol-containing wipes, and the skin condition is not very good at this time, it is recommended to stop using the alcohol wipes first, and then judge the cause according to your actual situation. Self-relief and recovery.

If the blackening is accompanied by other physical conditions, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time and find out the cause based on the doctor’s examination and judgment.

4. Can I eat after wiping my hands with alcohol wipes?

Can eat.

You can eat after wiping your hands with alcohol wipes, but it is not recommended to eat immediately, because alcohol wipes themselves are a disinfecting and cleaning product, and eating after wiping your hands is hygienic.

It is not recommended to eat food immediately because it takes a certain time for the alcohol to evaporate, about 10 seconds, so you can wait for the alcohol in your hands to evaporate before eating the food.

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