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Acne Series

Acne Series

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Target at [oily acne skin] [light acne skin] [great oily skin]

Yeast   Balancing   Oil   Control   Set

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Product introduction

This series targets at oily acne skin and light papule skin; 

Balance the micro-ecosystem and control oil, rebuild healthy skin in a two-pronged manner, and prevent acne; 

Safe and gentle (no irritation in patch testing ), control oil effectively; 

Thin, moisturizing and easy to be absorbed. 

Target at [closed comedo skin] [blackhead] [great oily skin]

Rosemary  Pimples  Remove  Oil  Control  Set

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 Product introduction

The series targets at closed comedo skin to remove closed comedos, control oil and clear skin; 

Selection of natural rosemary essence, control oil and soothe skin, 

Awaken, astringe and refine skin; 

Macromolecular fruit acid essence can go deeply into skin to clean skin, regulate cutin and prevent comedos; 

Rosemary Black Head Clear Mask

First apply and then astringe, the two steps make a bright and clean nose, no harm to skin with the non-peel-off style, gently treat the strawberry nose

The essence of 8 kinds of natural plants dissolves and makes emersion of blackhead and whitehead; 

Rosemary, witch hazel and gentian root astringe and soothe skin, and repair skin deeply; 

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Target at [closed comedo skin] [blackhead] [great oily skin]

Plant  Extract  Anti-Acne  Repairing  Set

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Product introduction

The series targets at light to medium acne skin, and injured acne skin; 

Resist acne in three steps: control oil, relieve inflammation and resist microbes to regain health skin; 

Selection of plant oil-control and bacteriostatic essence with high concentration of Ectoin 

Relieve inflammation and repair acne skin; 

Full-green EWG, fragrance-free, pigment-free, safe and non-irritating;  

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Tightening & Scars-removing Cream

Safe and efficient, rejuvenate and brighten skin; 

Comprehensive mechanism, systematic skin rejuvenating; 

White emulsion, light and thin, absorbable; 

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Constant Empowering Acne Essence

Nano-sustained-release anti-acne technology: 

Triple anti-acne activity to prevent acne marks; 

Primrose yellow gel texture; 

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Sulfur Soothing Acne Patch

Prevent melanin pigmentation and fade acne marks;

Safe and hormone-free;

Long-acting repair, slow release of activity;

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