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How often do you hear someone start a speech with a joke?Maybe too often.Speakers with limited experience tend to tell jokes just to get a laugh and hope the audience will be enthusiastic about them.Jokes often have nothing to do with the subject of their speech.
Experienced speakers know better ways to add humor to a presentation or presentation, including :.Use interesting stories and anecdotes-not jokes--In your presentation, everyone has had bad experiences and becomes interesting over time.Remember, today's tragedy is an interesting anecdote for tomorrow.
If you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself, borrow some stories from others.This is acceptable as long as you believe in the source.Alan Klein, who collects stories from your audience, tells the story that he often asks his audience "how do you spell relief ?"?\" \"L-A-U-G-His answer is H.
Then in one of his speeches, an audience shouted, "D-I-V-O-R-C-E.This is hysterical.Klein now tells the story in many of his speeches.Create a fun atmosphere in the room before you speak because I am a former news anchor and Sports host and I sometimes arrange for people who introduce me to show my worst sideAir inflators in video clips (there is a lot of material to learn from ).
Bloopers always make people laugh and let them know that I'm not afraid to laugh a little by myself ---A good way to get in touch with them from the beginning.Self-President Gerald Ford, who denied his 70 s humor, was often accused of lacking grace on Saturday night's live broadcast.Ford teased himself in a better way than SNL writers to fight back.
He told his audience about the night he met his wife Betty and how he wanted to dance with her in the worst way possible."Then he would say," Betty told me later, that's what I did ---Dance in the worst wayFord also said he had to be the center of his college football team because the center was the only place he didn't have to move my feet.If important people like the former president can make fun of themselves, so can the rest of us.
Self-To discredit humor is a powerful tool.Use fun props in your presentation and I sometimes bring "IFB" to use as props.IFB (on behalf of "interrupt feedback") is the headset used by TV reporters when doing live coverage on the news site.
IFB allows them to hear what people in the studio say to them when they introduce them, and also allows them to hear questions that the host might ask.I sometimes show an expansion snippet of what happens if something goes wrong with the IFB.In the video, a female reporter stutter in a live report.
She sounds terrible.
She wasn\'t.
It turns out that someone accidentally pressed the wrong button in the control room, and the reporter heard her own words in her IFB about half a second after she spoke, believe me, this is very distracting.In about 15 seconds she fought as much as she could and tried to stay professional, but the harder she worked, the more fun she sounded.She finally pulled the IFB off her ear and went on with her report.
This clip always makes the audience howling.Borrowing humorThe Internet is a great place to find a liner and an interesting quote.Personally, I often borrow from Yogi Berra (\ "hold it when you get to a fork in the road.
..), Will Rogers ("when Democrats want to form a firing squad, they enter a circle...\ ") And many others.Buy humor from people who sell humor there are professionals who will write interesting things for you, and they are usually not expensive.You can also look at your local comedy club and hire someone who is good at writing lines.
Or search for "humorous writers" or "humorous writers" on the Internet ".Steve Allen once said, "people would rather have fun than be educated."But if you can entertain and educate at the same time, you have the conditions to give a good speech ---No joke.
George McKenzie is a retired television anchor, Sports host and radio talk show host.He often contributes to speaking skills and tools, a public speaking resource website for both professional and novice alike
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