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Baby Extra Comfort Bath Oil

Baby Extra Comfort Bath Oil

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Problem Skin Cares Series

According to some statistic, 54.5% of kids from 0 to 3 years old visit dermatologists most.

DIAM Oleoacitf® - A natural allergy soothing extract which is 100% organic, focusing on skin allergy and damaged skin, soothing babies’ red bottoms, eczema and rashes.

  1. Containing rich triterpenes that are anti-inflammatory
  2. Preventing and reducing redness
  3. Hydrating and soothing tightened and itchy skin

Core Ingredients:

The ARPE-19 cells are cultivated in inflammatory mediator, then applied DIAM Oleoacitf® with concentration of 1% , 2%  and 3% respectively.The results have shown that, based on different levels of concentration, the secretion of TNF-ά inflammatory factor is reduced to a range of -44% to -68%.

Star Product: Baby Extra Comfort Bath Oil


       Sooth dry skin, reduce peeling and itchiness

√ Containing DIAM Oleoacitf® the natural allergy relief extracts, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, especially suitable for baby’s dry skin and bath during winter time.

√ Forming a breathable sebum membrane on the skin surface to moisturize and create a pliable shield to reduce peeling and itchiness caused by dryness.


-        Milk bath fun

A few drops into the tub will immediately turns into a milk bath to add fun for baby during bath.

Product Series

Product Picture

Product Name



Hydrating Series

 Star   Product

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Baby All-Seasons 

Hydrating Stick

Close to baby’s skin sebum, the 

multiple natural   plant sebum are 

skin friendly and safety to be sued

Face moisturizer

Easily apply and not sticky

Instantly sooth dry skin issue

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Baby Hydrating Lip Balm

Provide hydration to dry lip and 

repair peeling skin

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Baby Moisturizing Lip Balm

Sooth lip inflammation, itchiness 

around lip corners and red lip

Problem Skin Cares Series

 Star   Product

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Baby Extra Comfort Bath Oil

Core ingredients:

 DIAM Oleoactif is a natural   soothing

 extract that prevents the formation 

of rashes, reduces red spots,   soothing 

itchy skin, especially best for skin allergy

Sooth allergy and itchiness, resolve 

peeling skin,   particularly good for 

dry skin

 Star   Product

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Baby Soothing Stick

Calm eczema and rashes, repair 

skin shield

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Baby Bottom Care Cream

Create a shield to distant skin from

 diaper,   preventing rashes and allergy

 for baby bottom

Outdoor Protection Series

 Star   Product

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Baby After Sun Repairing Gel

Extracts from multiple natural herbs.

 Best solution for mosquito bites, rashes 

and after sun issues   during summer time.

After sun repair, sooth heat, red and


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Baby Freshening Gel

Prevent rashes, sooth any heat that 

is caused by the   sun

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Baby Plant Prevention Mist

Mosquito and bugs repellent

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Baby Mosquito Repellent Stick

Prevent bugs bites, relieve swelling

 and itchiness

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