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4 Big trends and 7 great opportunities Create a new setting for 2018’s mask industry


China has now become world's largest producer, trade country and consumer of non-woven products. China’s non-woven fabric production has accounted for more than 40% of the global output in 2016, and non-woven fabrics have been applied more and more in the field of facial masks and world of beauty. In 2017, at the “National Health, Medical and Non-woven Products Summit Forum,” Fan Zhanhua, Deputy General Manager of Nox Bellcow, has presented a new model of cross-border integration of cosmetology and non-woven fabric products, using big data, under the global trend of cosmetics globalization. And he showed how by using the application of non-woven technology, we can locate these four major trends and seven great opportunities in the future of mask market!

National Health, Medical and Non-woven Products Summit Forum,

(December 7th, 2017 at the Summit on “National Health, Medical and Non-woven Products Summit Forum,” Fan Zhanhua, 

Deputy General Manager of Nox Bellcow, presented a speech on the development and future of mask market.)

   Mask market: the beauty Blue Sea with constant gushing and emerging   


Market research firm, Transparency Market Research, has released a report on sheet mask that determined the future of mask market is full of opportunities! From 2016 to 2024, the global sheet mask market will have a compound annual growth rate of 8.7%. The global market value of sheet mask will gradually increase, which means the global mask market will generally rise in megatrends.

Forecast on global sheet mask market value’s expected growth

(Forecast on global sheet mask market value’s expected growth)

      This market expectation can also be demonstrated in the consumer’s habits in using mask: Compared to 2015 and 2016, the consumption of skincare products showed that face masks (49%) have already replaced face cream, as the second most popular product after only to face cleansing products (67%). In the meantime, as men's skincare trend continues to rise, the mask as a shared, one-time product, has unlimited potential for further growth in men's skincare market.

Consumer facial product usage condition

      (Consumer facial product usage condition)

         Mask trend: various occasions, functional mask are the ones to seize the opportunity.    


With continuously growth in market, we will also need to seek new and more variety on new mask products in order to keep getting consumer's attention. Information has showed that the average and medium to high-end products in China are active in an uptrend: 54% of respondents in the past 6 months have spent RMB 30 or more on a piece of mask. This means the market of high-end masks do has potential.

Market of medium to high-end mask has potential

(Market of medium to high-end mask has potential)

Under the guidance of the pursuit in a more refined, personalized skincare needs, mask which can be used on a variety of occasions, and mask with functions began to dominate the mainstream market. According to a survey, 47% of respondents used at least one type of mask in the morning. The morning mask has the effect of awakening skin's energy to last for a day. It is gradually accepted by more and more consumers. Quickly rejuvenates our skin in the morning and nourish and repair our skin at night; this will soon adapted to become the new trend of requirement in the mask market.

Mask that can be used in various occasions will be the trend setter

      (Mask that can be used in various occasions will be the trend setter)

      Looking at the changes in the China market from 2015 to 2016, the proportion of new mask products’ basic promotional claims (moisturizing and water replenishment) is declining. Products with brightening / revitalizing, anti-aging, time-saving / quick-acting, cleansing functions, have increased. In the future, mask with multi-functions will soon become the mainstream.
              Such as Nox Bellcow’s latest development on high-end functional mask: Biomass graphene mask, it has added a new type of material on the traditional mask cloth- biomass graphene, so that a small film cloth could now come with 5 major effects; strong adsorption, far-infrared emission, antibacterial, generates negative ions, and naturally environmental friendly.
It also has functions of cleansing, promoting microcirculation, antioxidant and anti-aging. It has set off a multi-functional "black" mask wave in the industry.

(A demand on functional mask has continue to grow)

      (A demand on functional mask has continue to grow) 

      (Nox Bellcow’s new functional mask: biomass graphene mask)

      7 great opportunities: masks that Made in China become the mainstream    

      Market potential, international standards, standardized management, innovation, professionals, perfect supports, brand recognition; the coexistence of these 7 great opportunities meaning this is the "best time” for mask development. Courage is the key to success. In the best of times, we should ride on this terrific opportunity to let masks that Made in China go into the mainstream.

           Committed to the research and innovative development of mask products, Nox Bellcow truly understands the future trend of facial mask development and continues to dominate in the market that is full of opportunities. We contribute our efforts in the national dream of a "Cosmetics Made in China."
            We have been working hard for our mission of allowing consumers all over the world to use mask that is Made in China!

   About “National Health, Medical and Non-woven Products Summit Forum”   


  This forum is sponsored by China Technology Market Association Non-woven Materials Professional Committee (National Non-woven Materials Professional Committee) CNTA and other associations. It focuses on the "One Belt, One Road, National Development Strategy," "Background of Opening Second-Births and Big Health and Big Medical Treatment in the Aging Community," " Internet+ New Economic Model;” a series of major transforming initiatives in the new era have brought new opportunities and to promote technological innovation, structural adjustment and sustainable development for the entire non-woven material industry chain in China.