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The release of the ‘Expert Consensus on the Choices and Uses of Facial Masks’ provides rules to follow


The annual International Skin Care Day on 25th May, is dubbed as ‘Wo Ai Wo’ carries the meaning of ‘loving yourself’ (pronounce phonetically similar in Mandarin Chinese) which starts with taking good care of our skin. This year, the working team of the ‘Expert Consensus on the Choices and Uses of Facial Masks’ of the Chinese Dermatologist Association invited NBC as one of the participating parties in editing the new guideline. We were honoured to take part in the launch of this ground-breaking launch day.

NOX BELLCOW-The Release Of The ‘expert Consensus On The Choices And Uses Of Facial Masks’ provides r

Lai Wei, vice president of the Chinese Dermatologist Association and professor at the Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University conducted ‘Facial Mask – are you sure that you are using it right?’ and interpreted the new guideline.


The ‘Expert Consensus on the Choices and Uses of Facial Masks’ is classified into two versions: popular science and expert. The current release is a popular science version that focused on public health. It is important to communicate the right concept of using facial masks to the public, equipping them with knowledges to select the best products for themselves and the safety in using them. The expert version will soon be released to comprehensively explain the functional and use of facial masks, leading the public the enter a new era of health skin care.

 ‘It’s our responsibility to let everyone to enjoy the benefits of facial masks’ is the manifesto to design and manufacture facial masks, in this regard, NBC takes full responsibility to promote healthy use of facial masks. Earlier in 2017, NBC had participated in the draft work of the ‘Benchmark for facial mask industry in China QB/T 2872-2017’ which was enforced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. To further reinforce the importance of the use of facial masks, NBC took part in the compilation of the new guideline for the positive development of facial mask in the future.

The ‘Expert Consensus on the Choices and Uses of Facial Masks’ will further regulate the safe of use of facial masks in the consumer market. NBC will continue to emphasize the standard and legal consensus to ensure safety is complied with the quality of producing the products which we believe we have the responsibility to protect our consumers in this regard.

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